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Why we’ve been confirmed as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste Star Partner

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan.

Our ethos and values have always been connected to living harmoniously with nature and treading gently on the planet. As an innately eco-conscious company, we are overjoyed to have been confirmed as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste Star Partner!

Since we first opened our doors in 1991, we have held strong to our vision of creating the most sought after experience in the world for our customers, our purpose of naturally enhancing people’s lives and our core values of treading gently on the earth, loving the world we live in and thriving on enriching it, nurturing and inspiring, delivering with consistency, certainty and quality, loving what we do and having integrity in all that we are.

These values underpin every product we make and every action we take. We have used recyclable materials and natural building elements since the earliest of days (our first Perfect Potion sanctuary was actually composed of recycled kitchen cabinets!). But, in recent years, we have been on an unwavering mission to deepen our commitment to sustainability. We have created a company head office that is truly aligned with our core, nature-loving ethos and the values that shine so brightly in our stores and products. To make our footprint smaller, we made big changes. In two years, we reduced our energy consumption by 53.2%, water intensity by 74.89% and waste to landfill by 65.6%!

This transition was made far more seamless with the support of the Brisbane City Council and CCIQ ecoBiz team. We began implementing an energy neutral strategy, meaning we are harvesting energy from nature to power all our head office operations including our manufacturing facilities, and we’re often supplying more energy back into the grid! We’ve started composting, installed energy efficient lighting and 294 solar panels to completely power our office and feed energy back into the grid, among other exciting measures.

In the last 12 months, we’ve also been working hard on new sustainable packaging innovations and reformulations that help reduce waste and are even more environmentally friendly! We are essentially overhauling the packaging of our entire range and are thrilled to be making this very important shift away from plastic.

It is our 2019 goal to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging, through our conversion to post-consumer waste plastic packaging, glass, and aluminum. You may have already seen some of these changes rolling out, and there will be many more exciting changes appearing in the coming months.

By truly embracing sustainable innovation and seeking out creative solutions, we have been able to further implement our values to help look after our oceans, animals and the planet as a whole while creating natural products that support your wellbeing.

Even small changes can make a big difference and we couldn’t be happier about our contributions to this beautiful planet.

Beauty/Massage Therapist – Indooroopilly

As a leading Australian Certified Natural & Certified Organic Skin Care and Aromatherapy company, we are looking for a committed and passionate Beauty and Massage Therapist to join the growing team at our Indooroopilly sanctuary and work in our wonderful treatment room.

Please read on to find out what we look for in our therapists:

  • Hold Diploma qualifications or a minimum of Certificate IV in Beauty and Massage Therapy
  • ABN number
  • A Health Care Provider number for massage therapists is advantageous
  • Have confidence, with great skills in facials and massage
  • Passion for your work

You will need to be self-motivated and proactive, thrive on nurturing an existing client base and have the desire to grow it further. To truly love connecting with your clients and build ongoing relationships is also very important to us.

You will be well supported in a caring team environment whilst being an important part of promoting Perfect Potion’s vision of being the most sought after experience in the world.

If you have a passion for people, love promoting a natural and holistic product and lifestyle, and thrive on working in a dynamic, inspiring team, we would love you to apply. Please forward your application to the Retail Operations Manager –

For more information about Perfect Potion, our products and staff benefits please visit

Perfect Potion would like to thank all in advance for their applications. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Get to Know Aromatherapist and Wellness Extraordinaire Jennifer Jefferies

Get to Know Aromatherapist and Wellness Extraordinaire

Jennifer Jefferies

To celebrate your inspiration-filled International Women’s Day Masterclass, Aromatherapy and the Feminine Spirit (Saturday 9th March 2019), we sat down with one of the key presenters, who is also one of Australia’s most respected authors and speakers in the health and wellbeing world, Jennifer Jefferies! Jennifer is a self-titled psychedelic hippie committed to leaving the world a better state. She is a philanthropist who loves breaking new ground. After burning out in her twenties, Jen reinvented herself as a naturopath and aromatherapist specialising in getting people out of survival mode and preventing burnout in the workplace. She has published 14 books including the #1 book on Intuitive Aromatherapy in the world. In this interview, Jennifer shares with you her personal empowerment story and why she thinks International Women’s Day is so important…


Perfect Potion: To start, can you tell us a little about yourself and your ‘personal why’ in life?

Jennifer Jefferies: I am a corporate hippie who is driven to leave the world a better place.  My proudest achievement in life is… Four years ago I set up where I help kids in poverty to have a better life and hope through education. We currently have 57 kids in our care in Thailand and our first ones completing apprenticeships in April. These are kids who would never be in school without our help.

Perfect Potion: What led you to become involved in the kind of work you do? Was it something that was always on the cards for you?  

Jennifer Jefferies: I joined the regular army at 17 as a driver instructor and after a three-year stint there I entered the pharmacy industry. It was the 1980s. Greed is good and all of that and I came into natural therapies after burning out in the pharmacy industry. I studied naturopathy and then aromatherapy with Salvatore Battaglia and did ten years in clinic and then was very frustrated not being able to help as many people as I wanted to; being limited by seeing 40-50 patients a week. So I brain dumped what I was telling my patients and that became 14 books over the years. For the last 17 years, I have traveled the world speaking on preventing burnout in the workplace and also aromatherapy.

Perfect Potion:  What does empowerment mean to you? Particularly in terms of female empowerment?

Jennifer Jefferies: I take a stand for helping women to find and use their voices. I grew up in the generation where girls are “seen and not heard”. I get excited seeing the young women today who have not had that and they are so assertive and feel empowered to be strong in themselves. To me, empowerment is simply being able to bring all of you to this lifetime.  Holding nothing back and feeling safe to do so.

Perfect Potion: Why do you feel International Women’s Day is important?

Jennifer Jefferies: We need to show younger women what is possible in life. For me, as a child Wonder Woman was my role model. I never had a role model in the women who were in my family. I want all women to have positive role models in life. I am deeply passionate about having other women understand the role of women over the years; particularly the Suffragettes. We would never have had what we do today without their pure courage.

Perfect Potion:  Who is your number one female icon?

Jennifer Jefferies: Wonder Woman all the way AND the Suffragettes

Perfect Potion:  Do you have a favourite quote about female empowerment?

Jennifer Jefferies: The older I get, the greater power I seem to have to help the world. I am like a snowball – the further I am rolled the more I gain. Susan B Anthony (Suffragette)

Perfect Potion: You’re one of the key presenters at our Aromatherapy and the Feminine Spirit International Women’s Day Masterclass, can you share a little bit about what people can expect from your presentation?

Jennifer Jefferies: We are emotional beings and using essential oils just for physical uses means we miss out on so much of their talents. I love sharing how and why essential oils help us tap into our natural instincts to really use essential oils to their full potential

Perfect Potion: You’re the creator of the INCREDIBLE and much-loved Aromatherapy Insight Cards, can you tell us a little bit about them?  

Jennifer Jefferies: The Insight cards came about through dealing with patients in clinic where I found in consultation they were unable to express what stress was influencing their health. They were so in it they could not see it. So I wanted a tool to help access what was going on for them emotionally. So I worked with Intuitive artist Karen Osborn to create the Insight system that has been taught all around the world for the last 19 years.

Perfect Potion: You’ve spoken before about the value in living the role of the ‘crone’, can you share a bit about this with us?

Jennifer Jefferies: When my mum was turning 50, I sent her a card saying congrats on being the Crone and she was mortified. She felt I meant, as most western people think, a silly old woman. I do lots of work in Asia and the post-menopausal woman “crone” is highly revered and respected. That’s lost in our western culture and we don’t value the incredible life experience of our wise women. I am passionate about redefining what it is to be a post-menopausal woman in the western world. For me, at 57, I feel like I am just starting the coolest part of my life. I want other women to stand proud in their “wise woman” time of life.

Perfect Potion:  And of course, we have to ask… what’s your favourite Perfect Potion product or favourite essential oil?  

Jennifer Jefferies: Eros and Earth Essential Oil Blend