Aromatherapy Travel Tips and Tricks

Travelling with Perfect Potion

How to use our products to make those painfully long flights more bearable.

Whether you’re flying to America, Europe, Japan (perhaps to visit one of our Japanese stores) or seeing more of our beautiful Australian landscape, you’re bound to suffer though a long plane ride followed by train, bus, or car trips to get to your amazing destination.

Most seasoned travellers have their set in-flight routines as well as packed essentials they couldn’t fly without. But what about those essentials that will make your flight more bearable, help anxious flyers, keep your skin hydrated and make you feel fresher on landing?

Aromatherapy is an amazing way to make sure your travel is as comfortable as it can be, so that arrive at your beautiful destination relaxed and refreshed.


Aromatherapy Musts

Breathe Easy Balm

This is at the top of our list because it really is a lifesaver, almost quiet literally. Upon arriving at your destination, the last thing you want is to have picked up a cold or flu that was floating around in your cabin. Before and during your flight, simply dab some Breathe Easy balm under your nostrils and rub into your chest. This will help with any decongestion you may experience on the flight as well as lessening the chance of you breathing in ‘bad’ air.

How does it work?

Breathe easy balm includes essential oils which help open up the airways, and helps keep a clear head as well as kill bacteria within the airways. The blend of essential oils is relaxing to muscles as well, so that your chest, throat and temples feel more relaxed after application, relieving the chest tightness and headache and sore throats often experienced with airways congestion.

Jet Setter

This seems like an obvious one; our Jet Setter mist is perfect for refreshing your senses after a long, dull flight or bus, train, or car ride. Simply spritz all over your body to refresh your senses and make you feel and smell refreshed and revitalised.

How does it work?

Jet setter incorporates essential oils of ginger and peppermint traditionally used for their ability to settle the tummy and reduce the effects of travel sickness, rosemary and lemon essential oils will help keep the mind clear and memory sharp, improving focus ability especially important when travelling. Lavender and geranium essential oils help balance the emotions, with the added help of balancing Australian Bush Flower essences.


Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser – 50ml 

Packing a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitiser everywhere you go is not uncommon these days. Use our natural Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser to kill germs and keep hands clean. It won’t dry out your skin and it smells beautiful!

How does it work?

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser uses lavender and tea tree essential oils which individually are amazing antibacterial and antifungal essential oils, but together they are exponentially effective. Both are soothing and cooling to the skin in a situation of skin irritations. It is a fabulous product for hand sanitising where washing is not possible but also anywhere on the body that needs antiseptic of soothing properties like insect bites or scratches. It is alcohol based so it will have an initial sting but is short lived. It also includes lemon essential oil which is also highly antiseptic and refreshing. This product can also be used as a deodorant (be forewarned of the alcohol sting on freshly shaved areas) as it prevents odour causing bacteria. It is also very useful for smelly feet; rub on as a foot deodorant after your shower to keep feet smelling fresh.



Extra Travelling Basics
– A good book
– Eye covers
– A warm pair of socks
– Headphones (to drown out the engine’s noise)
– Comfortable clothes to change into

*For liquids on flights, it’s best to check with your airline how many milliliters you’re allowed to bring on board. Balms usually count as solids, but can differ from airline to airline.