Aromatherapy and the Feminine Spirit – Meet the Presenters

You’re invited to rise and claim your power and enhance your intuition with us at an exclusive Perfect Potion International Women’s Day Event with Sze Wing Vetault and Jennifer Jefferies. 

This day is dedicated to aromatherapy and the feminine spirit. It’s about inspiring and empowering you to be the best you can be. Learn about the goddess archetypes and how they apply to you and your life, how to embrace your transformation and how to cultivate courage and use your feminine power to make a positive difference in your life. Be inspired and explore how to use essential oils on your healing journey, how to tap into your intuition, develop your emotional awareness and discover the subtle, metaphysical uses of aromatherapy. You will also enjoy VERY special offers on the day featuring Sze Wing Vetault’s book Goddess with Many Faces and Jennifer Jefferies Aromatherapy Insight Cards! Book and find out more here!

Meet the Presenters

About Sze Wing Vetault

Often called the ‘modern-day Mary Poppins’, Sze Wing Vetault is a coach, author and creative entrepreneur specializing in personal development and spirituality. Graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science, she began her career as an economist and later working as a consultant. Sze Wing takes a practical and holistic approach to personal and business transformation. She coaches individuals and purpose-driven businesses to inspire change and foster growth. Sze Wing has presented her work in Australia and overseas. She is also a co-founder of the Lighten Up™ Summit; an online video summit showcasing Australian conscious thought leaders in the health & wellness industry. Find out more at

About Jennifer Jefferies

Jennifer herself as a psychedelic hippie committed to leaving the world a better state. She is a philanthropist who loves breaking new ground and living in the unknown zone of life. After burning out in her twenties, Jen reinvented herself as a naturopath and aromatherapist specialising in getting people out of survival mode and preventing burnout in the workplace. She has published 14 books including the #1 book on Intuitive Aromatherapy in the world. Jen is comfortable whether walking the 800km Camino Way across Spain or speaking on the world stage. Jennifer is The Present Day Wise Woman, and says her greatest achievement is founding The Q Foundation, which brings hope, health and happiness to children in poverty. Find out more at