Active Naturally

Some of our beautiful Perfect Potion goddesses share their workout and aromatherapy tips…

🌟 The green goddesses from our lovely West End store make exercise a part of their life… Melinda explains her post-swimming routine: ‘I love using Detox Body Buff after swimming to help my body detoxify the chlorine, and then the Honey and Chai Double Cream to keep my muscles warm and also to keep my skin from becoming dry after being in the water.Jess takes time out for a daily walk in nature with her beautiful dog… While April enjoys Yoga and Pilates, she also commutes on foot whenever possible, reducing car travel.

🌟Our Technical Manager Deanne stays motivated with Bootcamp and has been testing our NEW Active Muscles Spray in it’s product development, she says “I like to layer the products and directly apply Active Muscles Spray first to affected area/s, followed by massaging with a dab of Active Balm for complete relief”.

🌟Amy from our Indooroopilly Store enjoys dancing… She explains how she incorporates aromatherapy into her fitness routine “I love using Active Balm on my lower back. I find the Active Balm to be so relieving on my muscular and nervous pain. It even helps me get a better nights rest! The Active Balm also gets me through long days at work on my feet. I love to rub it onto my neck as well as when my shoulder blades are pulling and causing me pain. I love the Clove and Peppermint in the Active Balm for this reason!”

🌟Abby our Export Development Manager explains her routine: “Before and after practicing yoga, I will spray some Chakra Balancing Mist all over the body to help me prepare and finish the practice. I place a couple of drops of our chakra essential oils onto my Lily and Laura bracelet depending on how I feel or I like to feel that day, so I can smell the oils during the whole yoga practice.”

🌟 Kim from our Carindale Store loves Yoga, she says: “I love using the Active Massage Oil after a long yoga session to keep the blood pumping to my muscles and get a bit extra out of my stretching. I also love to put the Chakra Balancing Balm on my third eye before I meditate in savasana at the end of practice.”

🌟 Stephanie from our Newtown store enjoys hiking… She explains: “I pop Cool Mint Aromatic Mist in the fridge next to my water bottle the night before going on a long bushwalk/hike, the refreshing blend of spearmint, peppermint and lemon essential oils is fantastic to spray over the arms and legs when overheated while acting as a great pick me up when my energy starts to dwindle! When I finish and my muscles are a little tight, I make sure to pop on the Active Balm which helps to release tension in my muscles using warming ingredients like cajeput, ginger and black pepper.”