A chakra journey with Jonathan Homsey

Meet Jonathan Homsey, choreographer, dancer, director and producer. Originally from the USA, Jonathan now lives in Melbourne. We are so grateful to Jonathan for very kindly sharing his chakra discovery journey using Perfect Potion essential oils in his choreography and personal creative development.

Please visit Jonathan’s youtube channel (below) for a preview of his latest body of work – Vessel


Jonathan HomseyMy journey with chakras began just about a year ago. I was feeling out of whack, consumed with self-doubt and I knew I was not being the best person I could be.

My dear friend was working at Perfect Potion at the time and asked me to come into the store.  As I walk in through the door, she led me towards the chakra kit. She simply asked, “Smell these and let me know what smells the most peculiar.” So I went to smell from the root chakra and worked my way up.

I got to the solar plexus and it gave me a feeling I still cannot describe.  Even thought it consisted of herbs and oils I have smelled before, the combination of them caught off me guard.  She took me to the chakra pamphlet and asked me to read the questions.

I was astonished.

Fear, self-doubt, and control—these were all issues I was having in my life and it was simply reflected through me smelling one small and powerful bottle. I knew this was a moment that could change me. So I bought the packet with the pamphlet and off I went.

To say integrating the chakra kit into my life to be just inspiring is an understatement. I decided to work with each essential oil, one a week, and connect to my body practice of choreography, and hobbies of yoga and pilates.  The combination of the essential oils, rubbing them on that particular energy point and applying the manifestations to open the chakra point transformed my lifestyle. I felt with my busy schedule as an artist trying to be creative and having day jobs, I had a greater purpose of the day. I can open these energy points-chakras—I am currently working on.

The fourth and fifth weeks were the hardest for me.  The solar plexus chakra smell grew on me and became comfortable as I worked with yoga postures that opened up my solar plexus region and apply the manifestations as ‘food for thought’ to my daily routine. As a dancer, I have always had issues articulating my spine and being able on my shoulders for moves such as shoulder stands.  I was surprised when I found the connect of the tightness in my movement correlated with the emotional locks I had in my body. As I used these throat and solar plexus oils ,  my body began to change. More physical light bulbs happened as I kept the routine and was persistence with my practice. Every morning I would take the oil I was using  that week rub it on the point  in a circular fashion and I would close my eyes. I would manifest one statement and it affected me for the rest of my day subconsciously.

As I went on this journey, I knew I had to share it with others. I wondered as a dancer or someone viewing a dancer exploring these ‘physical light bulbs’ ,  would their chakra points open also ?  That is a question that probably will never have a definite answer but I feel art is to experiment and question aspects of society and culture. I began my journey seeing how choreography assisted by aroma and sound therapy in May 2014 with my performance entitled “Vessel.”

A close friend of mine and I are similar in personality and she was one of the performers. To see her change in a positive light because of the movement was so amazing and beyond describing with words. She said:

“I have always moved with a purpose however there is a difference in moving from a particular energy source. Instead of portraying an idea to affect the audience I found I was taping into something more internal and almost affected myself instead. The movement became a manifestation of my own immediate experience.”

Seeing the transformation as my collaborators opening their own chakras was an experience beyond satisfaction. I hope with more development this choreography can be expanded and hopefully will help viewers open their energy points also.

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