5 Tips to Save your Summer Skin

Say au revoir to excess oil, transform your skin from sweaty and slick to smooth & subtly glowing!

Summer is backpacking adventures, beach trips and long balmy nights under the stars. It’s sultry heat and swims in the ocean. But all that heat can also mean oily skin and the potential for acne flare ups and breakouts. To help, we’ve got 5 natural tips to help you say au revoir to excess oil and bring your skin back to balance!

Essential oils are your natural secret weapon for radiant skin and a lustrous complexion. Here’s the low down on how they support and promote clear, healthy skin despite summer steaminess.

Let’s face it, summertime scorchers mean sweat… and lots of it! Even without the addition of melting makeup this can be a recipe for breakouts. As hard as it might be, try to avoid the desire to over cleanse and scrub your skin. We’ll admit it’s tempting, but over cleansing strips your skin of its natural oils resulting in underlying dryness and dehydration. This sends signals to your skin to compensate by producing more sebum which causes more breakouts and the beginning of an endless cycle…

So what’s best practice for oily and/or breakout prone skin?

#1 First and foremost be gentle with yourself! Take care of you holistically. Eat a mineral –filled diet favouring foods high in zinc and vitamin A and steer clear of rich, sugary and processed foods. Stay hydrated and try incorporating relaxation methods like yoga and meditation into your life to help keep stress levels to a minimum.

#2 Cleanse both morning and night. We suggest using a cleanser that contains purifying and balancing ingredients like juniper berry, geranium and tea tree pure essential oils. After cleansing, follow with a Fine Tuning Solution that will help refine your pores, rectify your skin’s pH and prevent blemishes.

#3 If your skin is still feeling extra oily in this heat it may benefit from periodic application of clay based masks and weekly (gentle) exfoliation to help unblock pores, counter bacteria and keep any blackheads at bay. Use these treatments mindfully – be conscious of how your skin is feeling, if it feels tight and dry then you may have over done it – take things back to basics with just gentle cleansing, toning and hydrating with masks and exfoliation every other week or fortnight instead.

#4 After these gentle, purifying steps, it’s important to infuse your skin with hydration to prevent dryness or dehydration. Summer skin craves hydrating, healing and regenerating ingredients. When pondering the efficacy of essential oils for skin-healing and nourishment, one well-known story springs to mind…

In 1910, while working in his perfumery plant, French chemist (and founder of the term aromatherapie), René-Maurice Gattefossé’s, hands were severely burnt in a lab explosion. He decided to utilise pure lavender to heal his wounds and was fascinated by its remarkable healing properties. This inspired him to incorporate essential oils in the wound-healing of soldiers in World War I military hospitals. He cited work by Dr. Sassard who said this of lavender’s wound-healing properties… ‘in all cases the following was noted: the rapid disappearance of pus, decrease in the number of bacteria, powerful stimulation of healing, recovery in a very short time’.

It’s not only lavender, but a multitude of essential oils that gift us with beautiful skin-loving benefits. Time and again essential oils have been scientifically proven to possess antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, cicatrisant, cytophylactic and vulnerary properties. What’s more, their tiny molecular structures mean they are readily absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin where they can deliver their many benefits. Here are some of our favourite essential oils for healing and hydration…

Rose Oil…

Rose is an excellent known emollient, softening and hydrating properties that help keep the skin looking fresh, dewy and radiant. It also helps balance sebum production so it is helpful for both dry and oily skin. Rose is said to work wonders for stress, anxiety and nervous tension, acting as a soothing balm for the emotions – this also benefits our skin as we all know the effects stress can have on our complexion! 


Regenerating, moistening and cooling are some of the gifts patchouli oil bestows upon skin. It has strong cytophalactic properties (the ability of an essential oil to increase skin cell reproduction and hence promotion of rapid wound and skin healing). This helps maintain a healthy, youthful, balanced complexion and minimises the potential for breakout or acne scarring.  


Recommended for skin that is dry, wounded or struggling, frankincense oil boasts beautiful vulnerary (wound healing) properties. It is also extremely regenerating and rejuvenating.


This spiritually uplifting oil is perfect for inflamed, oily and acne prone skin. It is soothing, cooling and moisturising so it is also ideal for complexions that are dry due to moisture loss and harsh environmental conditions.

As we mentioned before, hydration is key when it comes to oily skin. But if your skin is extra oily, do yourself a favour and switch from a cream or moisturiser to a serum, light facial oil or gel. These are more lightweight and will ensure your skin still receives adequate hydration and nutrients without making it feeling heavy or overloaded.

For optimum hydration we suggest products containing the hydrating essential oils mentioned above like Skin Elixir Facial Oil or Replenish Serum. If you’re experiencing acne and excess oil, try Balance Moisture Gel; it’s an oil-free facial gel designed to both balance and hydrate your skin with pure essential oils of geranium, juniper berry and lavender. It also contains yarrow extract to tone and refine pores and aloe vera to soothe your complexion.

#5 A last and final tip! Heavy foundations can really clog your pores and burden your complexion. To make things easier for your skin, especially on sweaty summer days, try switching to a lightweight, breathable tinted moisturiser.

Like all things in life, your skin changes and so does its needs. When approaching a change of season it’s always a good idea to revisit your skincare routine. Check in with yourself. How has your skin been feeling lately? Have you noticed any changes? If so, maybe it’s time to make some changes in your skincare regime as well. Until the 14th of March we’re offering two special skincare kits with our bestselling potions. You’ll have everything you need to help heal and nutritionally support the health of your skin!