Natural Wellness Kit

Keep healthy and happy with these wellness essentials.

Aroma Defence Blend | Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser | Happy & Calm Aromatherapy Mask Spray

Our Natural Wellness Kit is the ultimate trio to keep you happy and healthy. Aroma Defence helps protect your home and uplift the spirit. Our aromatherapy hand sanitiser keeps you clean, sanitised and safe, using natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Our Happy & Calm aromatherapy mask spray makes mask-wearing enjoyable, so you can feel bright in spirit as you go about your day wearing appropriate protective wear. 


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Products included in this bundle:
Aroma Defence Blend   + $20.00
Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser 50mL   + $7.98
Happy & Calm Mask Spray 25mL   + $11.98



    Aroma Defence Blend

    Aroma Defence was specially formulated to purify the air and uplift the spirit, with a potent fusion of antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial pure essential oils. Diffuse this cleansing blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, cinnamon and thyme to help defend the home with nature’s most protective botanicals, and delight in the comforting, cosy cinnamon notes.

    Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser

    Feel safe and secure with this all natural, no-rinse hand sanitiser containing powerful pure essential oils of tea tree, lemon and lavender in a natural plant ethanol base.⁠ 
    Please note: product contains 80% alcohol which meets Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

    Happy & Calm Mask Spray

    Make mask-wearing enjoyable by inhaling the comforting, joy-inspiring aroma of our best-selling Happy & Calm blend. Featuring cheerful sweet orange, peaceful Roman chamomile, soothing lavender and grounding frankincense, this aromatherapy mask spray brings you the benefits of pure essential oils with each inhalation. 

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