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Message from Sal

When I first wrote the first edition of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy in 1996, I did not ever imagine that aromatherapy would become as popular as it is today.

The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy has become the ‘go to book’ for many who have studied or are studying aromatherapy. For this I am sincerely humbled and honoured. I wish to express my gratitude to you for your support and constant feedback. It is more important than ever to keep abreast of changes occurring in our industry. We must be prepared in dealing with government legislators who often attempt to suppress the practice of complementary medicines and most importantly it is essential to improve our knowledge and skills as aromatherapists so that we can continue to provide our client the most efficacious use of aromatherapy.

Knowledge is the foundation and cornerstone of any therapeutic modality. It is with this in mind that I felt it important to be more actively involved in education. The Aromatree book explores the relationships that exist between the different essential oils and the different parts of the plant such as the leaves, roots, resins, woods, fruit, seed or flowers.

The Aromatree is a very effective means for understanding the complex nature of essential oils; however, I also believe that it can be used to illustrate the diversity of aromatherapy and the challenges in accepting a common ground for the practice of aromatherapy. For example:

• the woods and resins embody the spiritual aspects of aromatherapy

• the leaves embody the science, pharmacology and chemistry that underpins aromatherapy

• the fruits reflect the creative and fun aspect of aromatherapy that involves blending of essential oils

• the roots embody the foundations of aromatherapy. No matter what type of aromatherapy you practice we must all learn about the safe use of essential oils, botany and quality of essential oils.

• the flowers embody the heart and soul of aromatherapy which underpins the practical therapeutic use of aromatherapy. The flowers remind us that our role is connect with others and help people to reconnect with nature and in doing so we play an important role as catalyst for change and healing.

Each year my masterclasses will focus on one part of the aromatree. This year to celebrate the launch of my new book, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Volume III – Psyche & Subtle, I have chosen to explore woods and resins which embody the spiritual dimension of aromatherapy. I hope you can join me as we explore the different facets of spirituality and how we can integrate them into aromatherapy.

I hope you can join me on a fascinating journey of discovery as we explore the spiritual dimensions of aromatherapy.

Best wishes,

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Salvatore Battaglia