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Message from Sal

My deepest heartfelt thoughts go out to everyone who has recently experienced or is currently in lockdown.

Now more than ever before, we need to draw on our Ikigai and our inner strength to overcome the challenges of dealing with the snap or in some cases extended lockdowns that we are enduring.

Ikigai is a beautiful Japanese word referring to ‘something to live for’ or ‘a life worth living’. While the lockdowns and restrictions are necessary, they are causing so much ongoing frustration, anxiety and stress. It is our Ikigai that will give us the resilience to get through these challenging times.

In my recently published Volume III of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, I refer to the important role that aromatherapy can play in nurturing our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I believe that the efficacy of essential oils on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is enhanced when we integrate aromatherapy within the framework of chakras as psycho-emotional energetic centres.

It is therefore not surprising that our chakra essential oil blends are our most popular and best-selling range. Please do take care and find the time during these challenging times to nurture a healthy flow of energy through the chakras to support your spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Best wishes,

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Salvatore Battaglia