Little Box of Sweet Dreams

Drift into a dreamy paradise.
Sweet | Soft | Subtle Herbaceous and Floral Notes

This dreamy gift pack is the perfect present for anyone in need of some better quality shut-eye.⁠ With blissful, soothing aromas, this duo of Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist and Sweet Dreams balm helps you to unwind for bed. Enjoy this gift pack as a 2-step ritual prior to bedtime to promote a restorative sleep and sweet dreams.

Dream Time Gift Pack includes:
Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Balm 30g $24.95 + Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist 50mL $19.95

4 Interest Free Payments of $11.24

Split the cost of any total purchase over $50


The heavenly aroma of clary sage helps to enhance dreaming, sweet orange gently nourishes the soul, and the soothing scents of lavender, petitgrain and Roman chamomile nurture a sense of serenity and inner peace.


• lavender • petitgrain • sweet orange • clary sage • roman chamomile •

Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist
+ Mist your pillow to breathe in the calming, dream-enhancing aromas
+ Promotes calm, sleep and dreaming

A note for wheat and gluten sensitivities: This product contains ingredients derived from wheat. If you are wheat or gluten sensitive, we recommend doing a small patch test using our testers on your skin prior to purchase.

Sweet Dreams Balm
+ Dreamy, velvety-textured balm made entirely from natural and organic ingredients.
+ Pamper yourself with a loving self-care ritual by massaging the balm into your temples, shoulders and feet before bed
+ Receive the benefits of aromatherapy quicker with a fast-absorbing balm
+ This balm also makes a beautiful natural, solid perfume

A note for vegans: This product contains beeswax and is therefore not vegan.

Spray the Sweet Dreams pillow mist over your bed and cushions, or use as a room spray. Follow by massaging the Sweet Dreams balm into your temples, pulse points and back of the neck while encouraging your mind to let go of any thoughts, clearing your mind for a restful sleep.

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