My friends

I would like to express my deepest thanks for all the beautiful doggy stories that we received. Now some people really have clever dogs who managed to send in their doggie condolences. Anyone who has a dog or ever had one will understand the joy and the happiness that our furry little friends give us or the grief that one feels when they loose their best friend.

From Chopper's friends at Perfect Potion Head Office

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I am saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved Chopper. Both Mel and I are staunch "dog people" and we can fully understand what you are going through. Chopper has been a legend in your company for so long, and in fact I had heard of him well before Mel started work with you. One thing I can tell you is that Chopper was well loved, and he has touched more hearts than just the ones at Perfect Potion. While we are glad you have had the opportunity to share life with Chopper, we also understand that when you own a "special" dog it makes it that much harder to see them go. Please accept our condolences. - Regards, Tony Rayner, Mel Dodemaide and Sasher (our black Labrador)

I am sorry to hear of your sad news, it's such a shock. All our thoughts and love are with you both. I only met Chopper on one occasion. He was the best companion you could ask for. He had character and charm - what more could you ask for. He was cool and I'm glad I got the chance to meet him. The stories of Chopper are great to hear. I know he's your world as he was your baby and your best friend and I know that losing him is so much more as he is part of you. I'm just imagining Chopper having a great time in doggy heaven, missing you guys and is probably telling everyone about his great life with you both. I will raise a glass for Chopper tonight, let the memories live on. - Take care. Love, Jodie and Bondi Junction Team x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

We are so sorry to hear about little Chopper's passing. He is such a beautiful puppy. We know that you will both have a fluffy little four legged friend looking out for you. We are certain his aim is to be able to go everywhere with you from now on. He will be in Doggie Heaven with as much raffia as he can get his cute little paws on. - Luv, Tanya & Natalie - Elizabeth Street Shop

I am so sorry to hear your news. Chopper was such a great little character, I know he will be missed by many, especially you and Carolyn. Dogs really are like furry, four-legged angels sent to brighten up our lives. He had a blessed life with you and Carolyn, and that's a wonderful way of thanking him for all he brought to your life. I was only thinking of you, Carolyn and Chopper on the weekend, as Paul and I finally saw Bombon, the movie you recommended to us ages ago. I was sending you my best wishes over the weekend, without knowing what you were going through. Thanks for asking after Jaffy - she is doing well. But I am all to aware that she is getting older too (she's 12). I often say to Paul that I don't know how I will handle it when it's her time, so my thoughts are truly with you. - Love, Lisa - ex Perfect Potion team and good friend of Chopper

To Our Dear Friends Sal and Carolyn,
We we very saddened to hear about Chopper's sudden passing. He was a wonderful dog and we can't begin to imagine how you both must be feeling. As you know, Basia (our miniature Schnauzer) has had many health issues (some life threatening) during the course of her 9 years and it's gut-wrenching to watch this first-hand but would be even worse to consider life without her. Basia was always so excited on the occasions when we would take her for a walk in New Farm Park and happen to bump into you both. It meant that she got to meet Chopper! She loved Chopper and has never reacted in the same manner to any other dogs. I'm sure she thinks of Chopper as her "Boyfriend" although on most occasions, Chopper wasn't too fussed either way. - Thinking of you both, Love Scott & Glenda

We are very sad to hear of our darling Chopper's sudden passing away! You would have been very instrumental in letting him evolve to a higher realm! He already had the consciousness in him of a little human being! I remember how he proudly and with great dignity displayed his bow to us when we visited last and would always want us to notice him but would pretend he did not want to be! At least he did not suffer and linger! We can truly understand how you feel. These little beings leave such a void in our lives as they give us unconditional love no human can give! We felt this void for days when our little Lady left us. He is very much in our thoughts and prayers. - Lots of love and light, Sheriar, Nekzad, Khursheed, Farida - good friends from Sydney

I have just found out about Chopper. I am so very sorry. I know how very hard it is to lose a pet that has been a part of your life for so long. Please know that I am thinking of you and Carolyn at this time- Kind regards, Sharon - Ashley & Munro

I was very sad to hear the news about Chopper but grateful for the fond memories he left behind. I will never forget his reaction to a balloon I was holding in the ICHA for my birthday. I have never been game to bring any more balloons to work! He was not happy with me that day! One of my favourite memories came just recently at the store here when a huge German Shepherd made friends with him - thank goodness the dog was a female ... Chopper was very brave that day! The West End store and customers will miss him. - Warm wishes, Jillian - West End Shop.
Sal's Note - When he was a puppy he was attacked by three huge German shepherds - ever since that day he did not like German shepherds - he would literally do a mental whenever he saw one. This dog was not on a lead and walked straight into the shop - before I could do anything they were sniffing each others butts and being the best of mates! Yes I think Jillian is right - thank goodness the dog was a female. Chopper also hated hot air balloons - therefore he feared and hated anything that vaguely resembled a hot air balloon!

Oh, I'm so sorry! That little pup! He was so sweet, that Chopper! He was such a gentle good natured dog. My deepest sympathy. I still have photos of Robear everywhere, 3 years on. I really am so sorry. - Trygve, New York
Sal's Note: Trygve is our good friend from New York - she spent two weeks with us in the middle of summer and got to know Chopper very well. We were also fortunate to spend two weeks with Trygve in New York in the middle of winter and got to know Robear - a beautiful Golden retriever with a heart of gold. He also passed away at a young age of cancer.

I am so sorry to hear about Chopper. I can totally empathise. This week I found out that my beloved labrador Charlie Brown has advanced bone cancer. I am heart broken as I imagine both you and Carolyn are. You are both in my thoughts. - Joanna - QVB Shop
Sal's Note: Joanna - We wish Charlie Brown a speedy recover. Joanna tells us - Charlie Brown has two excellent vets working together. One is an amazing acupuncturist and the other a specialist in cancer. They are managing his pain very effectively and they know that I would not have him suffer for my sake. They are very happy with how he is going. He is a very stoic pooch. Lola (our German Shepherd) however, is not coping so well. Lots of emergency essence for her.

I have a dog named Zamba. She is so funny she tries to play with my cat Lizzie but Lizzie does not want to play. So I know how it must feel to loose a special pet like Chopper. - Chloe in Canada, age 9.