Gorgeous Goddess Gift Pack

Awaken the Green Goddess within and feel empowered by the essence of nature in this gorgeous collection.


Cleanse and hydrate your skin while promoting true wellbeing with this unique blend that epitomises the spirit of all green goddesses. Lock in the moisture and alluring aroma of the Green Goddess, and allow the essential oil blend within to nurture and comfort your soul.

Gorgeous Goddess Gift Pack includes
Green Goddess Body Wash 125mL + Green Goddess Body Lotion 125mL + Green Goddess Hand Cream 60g

Use this natural, sulfate-free body wash in the shower by pouring a little into your hand or on a loofah or sponge. To create an invigorating bubble bath, add a tablespoonful to running water as you fill your bath. Follow your bathing ritual and lock in moisture with the Green Goddess body lotion and hand cream, smoothing over your body and massaging into your skin and hands.

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