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Forest Sanctuary Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit

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As you inhale these essential oils, imagine walking through a forest, feel the earth and leaves under your feet, listen to the birds singing, look up and notice how the sun trickles through the tree canopy. You are feeling the effects of forest bathing. Please enjoy creating your own forest sanctuary with our Shinrin Yoku Essential Oil Kit and the Black Gohan Aromatherapy Diffuser.

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Products included in this bundle:
Shinrin-yoku Essential Oil Collection   + $0.00
Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser - Gohan Black   + $0.00



    Shinrin-yoku Essential Oil Collection

    These divine oils are the quintessential aromas of Shinrin-yoku, the practice of forest bathing. Enjoy creating your own forest sanctuary in your space with the enclosed Guide to Shinrin-yoku by Salvatore Battaglia, which includes 16 blends to support you in your daily life. 

    This kit contains six (6) 5mL pure essential oils, including:

      • Hiba wood
      • Hinoki leaf
      • Hinoki wood
      • Kusunoki
      • Black spruce
      • Fir

    Black Gohan Ultrasonic Diffuser

    Enjoy the beauty of the beautifully designed Black Gohan Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser and create a calming environment by diffusing your favourite pure essential oils. The ultrasonic vibrations within the diffuser generate cool, hydrating mist as the pure essential oils of your choice fill your special space. It features two running modes for the mist and has a light that runs independently of the mist. Choose your mist and light mode to customise your aromatherapy experience.

    All of our diffusers are ultrasonic. An ultrasonic diffuser negates the positive ions which can be detrimental to our health. These positive ions are present because of electronics, plastic and other polluting chemicals in our environment.

    Add 3-5 drops of your favourite pure essential oil or blend to the required amount of water (no more than the max line indicated). Touch the ON/OFF button once for continuous mist, twice for intermittent mist. Touch the LIGHT button once to cycle through coloured lights, touch again to choose a single light. Hold down the ON/OFF button to turn the unit off.

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