Flourish like a Goddess Perfume Duo

Express the true essence of your divine soul with these two mesmerising signature perfumes.
Flourish Perfume | Green Goddess Perfume

Scent is the most ethereal of senses. It is intangible, yet enticing and evokes powerful physical responses. Enhance your allure with two sublimely aromatic perfumes. Completely natural, these perfumes are complex synergies of the most precious and beautiful of essential oils. Wear the perfume that captivates your heart and soul in the moment, with two beautiful scents for two different moods.

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Flourish Perfume 50mL   + $53.82
Green Goddess Perfume 50mL   + $46.12



    Flourish Perfume

    Embrace the Empress Archetype with the rich and beautifully complex aroma of Flourish.
    Warm spice notes, delicate florals, unique citrus oils and lingering wood notes create a signature scent that is subtle yet bold; with an alluring smokiness and sophistication.


    Flourish is a synergy of the most nurturing and spiritually uplifting oils to support positive mental and emotional wellbeing; encouraging you to flourish by reconnecting body, mind and spirit.


    Green Goddess Perfume

    Embrace the Nature Goddess Archetype with the enchanting and lush aroma of Green Goddess.
    Rich, sweet florals, uplifting fruit notes and warm earthiness create a signature scent that is captivating and entrancing; inviting love and joyfulness into your life.


    Green Goddess is a divine ceremony for your senses; a synergy of 23 pure essential oils that epitomise the spirit of all Green Goddesses. Its joyous aroma inspires self-love and captures the loving essence of nature.

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