Flourish Duo

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Flourish embodies the heart and soul of Perfect Potion.

30th Anniversary Aromatherapy Perfume & Blend | 16 exquisite pure essential oils

Celebrate Perfect Potion’s 30th Anniversary with this specially-crafted essential oil blend and divine natural aromatherapy perfume. Created to embody the vision, purpose and essence of Perfect Potion, Flourish is a magical synergy of the most nurturing and spiritually uplifting oils to support positive mental and emotional wellbeing. Allow this beautiful synergy of sixteen pure essential oils envelop you in a loving embrace; encouraging you to flourish by reconnecting body, mind and spirit.

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    Flourish is a beautiful synergy of sixteen essential oils that supports the individual, community and environment to flourish by listening, guiding and reconnecting mind, body and spirit.
    The fresh vibrant scents of lemon scented iron gum, bergamot, sweet orange and yuzu are bursting with energy, positivity and optimism.
    The fresh, herbaceous and floral aromas of geranium, petitgrain and fragonia allow us to embrace change and promote positive relationships.
    The subtle woody scents of hinoki wood and Santalum album give us the courage to follow our path and help us discover our meaning and purpose.
    The mystical scent of frankincense guides us on our journey to awaken our true self while the spiritually elevating scents of melissa, neroli and Roman chamomile reconnect our body, mind and soul and evoke a state of transcendence.
    The vibrant fresh conifer scent of black spruce promotes and boosts our resilience while the spicy aroma of cardamom promotes confidence.
    The nourishing earthy scent of vetiver is stabilising and reminds us to remain connected with those things that matter in our life.
    Flourish blend embodies the qualities of flourishing and reflects the heart and soul of Perfect Potion.
    Please enjoy.

    by Salvatore Battaglia, owner and founder of Perfect Potion.
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