FAQ Complete Guide Vol III Book Launch

What if I cannot watch the Book Launch & Masterclass online event live?

All attendees will be emailed a Zoom recording link to view at their own leisure. This link will be accessible for 3 months.


Is the Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Vol III included in the cost of the Book Launch and Masterclass?

The cost of the book is separate, however for international customers who purchase a ticket to the Book Launch & Masterclass online event, they will receive free international shipping on the pre-order book.

If you have already pre-ordered your book and would like to take advantage of this special offer, purchase a ticket to Book Launch & Masterclass online event and please advise us at [email protected]. We will then refund the freight charges.


Why is the flat rate for International shipping not working?

International shipping on the Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Vol III is a flat rate of $20.  If other items are added to cart this will revert shipping costs to full price. We would suggest splitting the orders into two seperate orders to claim your flat rate shipping.


What if the Brisbane book launch is cancelled due to covid lockdown or any other reason?

We sincerely hope there will be no reason to do this, but if we do, you will receive full refund or can have the payment transferred across to attend the Book Launch and Masterclass online event.


What if I have already purchased the book and decide to purchase an Aromatree Membership 2021?

As long as you do this before the cutoff date (June 25th 2021) then we will allocate the payment you have already made for the book towards the cost of an Aromatree Membership 2021.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to arrange this.


Is the in person Book Launch & Masterclass only in Brisbane?

Due to the uncertainity surrounding travelling and domestic borders, the Book Launch and Masterclass will be an in person event in Brisbane only this year.  Due to this decsion, we will be hosting an amazing online full day Book Launch and Masterclass via Zoom! With the same incredible content, special offers and new product launches just from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.  Book Launch & Masterclass Online Event.


Can I purchase the individual Materclasses for 2021 serparately?

Yes you will be able to purchase the Materclasses in the course individually, these will become available for purchase through out the year. For full details of cost and dates: https://www.perfectpotion.com.au/exploring-the-spiritual-dimension-of-aromatherapy. To stay informed please ensure you are subscribed to Sal's newsletters, subscribe here: https://salvatorebattaglia.com.au/



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