The Perfect Potion Experience

Perfect Potion Experience

Smell the revitalising scent of a eucalyptus leaf as you crush it in your hand, run your fingers over a stalk of lavender and inhale its soothing scent, or scratch the rind of an orange to release its fresh, zesty aroma.

What you smell are pure essential oils which you have just released fromthese plants. Molecules of pure essential oils are what will surround you as you step into Perfect Potion.

At Perfect Potion you will discover pure plant preparations to care for your wellbeing, delight your senses and enhance your environment. We assist people in making informed choices about their health and wellbeing through our engaging and knowledgeable team, our education programs and our publications. We provide people with a nurturing environment to assist them in discovering their harmony and balance – this is the Perfect Potion experience.

Our customers are socially and environmentally aware individuals who look for ways of enhancing their health and finding balance in their life, they desire to lead a life that is not in conflict with nature.

We ensure product and ingredient integrity. This is achieved by ensuring that only pure plant-based ingredients from sustainable sources are used and by using raw ingredients that support indigenous communities.

Our shops incorporate extensive use of recycled timber and natural building elements to create a sanctuary for the senses where you can discover your harmony and enjoy the Perfect Potion experience.

Perfect Potion is the dream of Salvatore Battaglia and his partner, Carolyn Stubbin. Together with the Perfect Potion team, they are passionate people who care and readily share their knowledge with you.

Celebrate life and bring calm and joy into your world as you incorporate the ancient and natural wisdom of pure aromatherapy into your life.