Bio-Well Energy Assessment with Kylie Atwell

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Is the state and quality of your energy field effecting your ability to manifest your deepest desires?

All matter in the material universe radiates a specific energy signature and it’s this energy pattern that influences our experience of life. Understanding the quality of your energy signature, along with the factors that influence it, both positively and negatively, is essential if you wish to change the print out of your life.

Discover what your energy field looks like and how to refine it so you can initiate lasting positive change in your life.

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The cost for the Bio-Well Energy Assessment is $200 (plus GST).  This includes:

• the collection of multiple energy scans to ascertain your psycho-emotional and psychological state, pre and post exercise load
• written report with images of your energy field and the size and alignment of your primary chakras
• post assessment phone consultation to discuss findings (up to 15mins)


Perfect Potion | Aromatherapy Diffusers | Essential Oils Perfect Potion | Aromatherapy Diffusers | Essential Oils


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