Empowerment Cycle Book & Blends Bundle

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Empower yourself and unleash every goddess within you.
Empowerment Cycle Book | Emgoddess Essential Oil Kit

A woman’s menstrual cycle impacts her life in many ways – whether in her relationships, energy levels, self-esteem, attitudes or physical being. The Empowerment Cycle helps you understand the power of your menstrual cycle and how to harness the strength of each phase to reach your highest potential in all aspects of your life; with recommendations on aromatherapy, natural therapy and lifestyle choices to support each stage you flow through.

Paired with specially designed Emgoddess blends created to support each phase of your cycle, this is the ultimate kit for empowered women.

Author: Sharon Wood

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    Empowerment Cycle Book
    Aromatherapist, educator and author Sharon Wood’s new book The Empowerment Cycle is an indispensable resource for anyone who has, or loves someone who has a uterus. It doesn't matter if it is in sport, career or in relationships, the menstrual cycle impacts a woman's ability to perform, communicate and achieve whatever it is they desire. Simply by working with the female body instead of ignoring it or even worse, against it a woman can achieve greater results in life. The Empowerment Cycle teaches a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle through goddess archetypes, and reframes the mindset from burden to tool of empowerment and strength: complete with practical activities and journal prompts for each phase, a step-by-step program on charting your cycle, comprehensive-yet-digestible knowledge on how the menstrual cycle works, as well as aromatherapy blends to help support each phase of your cycle.

    FAQ: The Empowerment Cycle book different from the Emgoddess book?
    The Empowerment Cycle is a new, revised edition of Emgoddess, with new chapters, more content, and new evidence-based research.

    Emgoddess Essential Oils Kit
    Created by aromatherapist, educator and author Sharon Wood, this beautiful kit is designed according to the four phases of the menstrual cycle and is the perfect accompaniment to her book The Empowerment Cycle. Be supported through each phase of your cycle with four beautiful goddess essential oil blends. Be energised by Daphne, nurtured in Demeter, inspired with Persephone and restored in Hecate.

    This kit contains four (4) 10mL pure essential oil blends to support you through each stage of your cycle:

    • Day 1 - 5: Hecate Blend - Stop the world and submerge into the peaceful and soothing energies of goddess Hecate. This blend boosts your inner strength and deepens your intuition.

    • Day 6 - 12: Daphne Blend - Ignite your passion for life and spark your emotions, with a renewed energy. This blend embodies the spirit of the goddess Daphne, keeping you on track and unstoppable.

    • Day 13 - 16: Demeter Blend - Be enveloped by goddess Demeter’s embrace and succumb to feelings of calm and balance. This blend restores peace and tranquillity and brings you back to centre.

    • Day 17 - 28: Persephone Blend - Radiate self-confidence, power and expression as you unleash the passionate essence of goddess Persephone. This blend expands your awareness and harnesses your inner power – become invincible.

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