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Dreamtime Gift Pack & Eye Pillow Banksia

An invaluable gift for someone who could do with a little more shut-eye, this gift features our top 3 remedies for a better night's sleep: Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist, Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Balm and handmade Banksia Eye Pillow. 

Valued at $69.90

*Please note: This product is a special offer and is not to be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
Products included in this bundle:
Dream Time Gift Pack   + $39.95
Eye Mask - Banksia Sky   + $25.00



    Dream Time Gift Pack

    Prime your body for a restful, deep sleep with the comforting scents of lavender, chamomile and orange. Clear your mind and bring relaxation to your body before you drift off into a restorative sleep, preparing your body to feel energised and rested upon wakening.

    Dream Time Gift Pack includes:
    Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Balm 30g + Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist 50mL

    Eye Mask Banksia

    Fabulous for blocking out light when travelling, on night shift or for a great night’s sleep.

    Made from natural cotton, wool and elastic.

    Handmade in Melbourne.

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