Clean and Clear Skin Trio

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Purify and exfoliate your skin for clean, clear skin with Purify Cleansing Gel, Australian Hydration Nectar and newly reformulated Bare Faced Exfoliant in Bare Faced Clean & Clear Skin Trio.


Normal, combination, oily.

Products included in this bundle:
Bare Faced Facial Exfoliant 100g   + $0.00
Purify Cleansing Gel Cosmos Organic   + $0.00
Australian Botanical Hydration Nectar COSMOS Natural   + $0.00



    Purify Cleansing Gel, formulated with powerful Australian native extracts and botanical actives of Davidson Plum, Quandong, Lemon Aspen and Aloe vera juice, gently foams away excess oil, impurities, pollution and light-weight make up. Your skin will be left feeling clean, fresh and vibrant. 

    Mist hydrating and refreshing Australian Botanical Hydration Nectar over your face throughout the day to keep your skin fresh, radiant and dewy. This skin-nurturing mist, which features honey myrtle, Australian sandalwood and fragonia may also be used after cleansing as a facial toner.⁠

    Exfoliate and purify your skin with the powerful benefits of Australian native botanical actives in our newly reformulated and ever-popular Bare Faced Exfoliant. Simply add water to buff away dead skin cells, cleanse pores and remove congestion and impurities with Australian Finger Lime, Australian Kaolin and Olive clay, brown and white rice and Australian Sandalwood and lavender pure essential oils.

    Mix one teaspoon of Bare Faced Exfoliant with one to two teaspoons of water or Purfiy Cleansing Gel into a smooth paste. Gently massage over a clean, damp face and rinse well. Use 2-3 times a week after cleansing.

    As an alternative to water or cleanser use floral waters, herbal infusions, fruit pulp or yoghurt.

    After exfoliating, Bare Faced may be left on the skin as a mask for 5 – 10 minutes to absorb impurities, further deep cleanse the skin and boost circulation in the skin.

    Follow with Australian Botanical Hydration Nectar before applying moisturiser or serum.

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