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This Limited Edition batch of clary sage oil is euphoric and uplifting.

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There is such a pleasant, fresh, warm aroma to this batch of clary sage oil. It has the most euphoric and uplifting effect that I have ever experienced from clary sage.

Botanical name

Salvia sclarea



Method of extraction

Steam distillation


A colourless to pale yellow liquid with a very diffusive aroma.

  • Note – middle note
  • Top – fresh, fruity and amber-like
  • Body – amber-like, floral and herbaceous
  • Dryout – balsamic, dry and woody

Batch number - 804110


Major constituents

a-pinene 0.1%, ß-pinene 0.14%, ß-myrcene 0.73%, limonene 0.3%, cis-ß ocimene 0.31%, trans-ß ocimene 0.5%, linalool 17.09%, a-terpineol 1.4%, nerol 0.29%, geraniol 0.76%, linalyl acetate 67.44%, neryl acetate 0.48%, b-caryophyllene 1.28%, germacrene D 2.38%, sclareol 0.82%.


The sweet, nutty and herbaceous scent of clary sage is euphoric and harmonising.

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