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Choose any 2 Aromatherapy Pulse Points

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Choose any two NEW pulse points and curate the perfect aromatherapy duo for either a loved one or yourself. Keep handy in a Perfect Potion re-usable calico bag.

*Please note: This product is a special offer and is not to be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
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    Relax Pulse Point 14mL

    Relaxes and releases stress | Serene floral aroma
    Perfect to use anywhere, roll Relax Aromatherapy Pulse Point onto your wrists, temples and neck to relax and unwind.  Tranquil lavender is enhanced with comforting sweet orange, nurturing geranium and confidence-inspiring ylang ylang in this soul-nourishing pulse point to help soothe anxiety and nurture inner peace.  Relax Pulse Point is perfect for those who need calm in their day.

    Happy & Calm Pulse Point 14mL

    Uplifting and Calming | Sweet Citrus Aroma
    Roll Happy & Calm Aromatherapy Pulse Point onto your temples, neck and wrists to cultivate positivity, find emotional comfort and feel calm.  With cheerful sweet orange, peaceful Roman chamomile, soothing lavender and grounding frankincense, this aromatherapy pulse point invites peace and happiness into your life.  Especially effective for children and those who are young at heart, Happy & Calm Aromatherapy Pulse Point is the perfect remedy to have on hand throughout the day to dispel grumpiness and nurture your inner child.

    Clear Head Pulse Point 14mL

    Refreshing and Rejuvenating | Intense Mint Aroma
    Roll Clear Head Aromatherapy Pulse Point onto your temples and neck to release tension, alleviate mental fatigue and rejuvenate the spirit.  Refreshing, revitalising peppermint and Japanese hakka mint bring clarity and alertness. Invigorating lemon and fresh blue mallee eucalyptus revive the spirit to restore vitality, while lavender soothes and calms the racing mind.  Clear Head Pulse Point is perfect for those who need to release tension, revitalise their mind and improve mental clarity.

    Chakra Balancing Pulse Point 14mL

    Rebalances body, mind and spirit | Aroma evocative of incense
    Roll Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Pulse Point onto your temples, neck, wrists, third eye and chakra centres to rebalance your energy centres and reconnect body, mind and spirit.
    This divine synergy of 25 pure essential oils is evocative of a mystical incense, and is at once grounding and elevating.  Reach for Chakra Balancing aromatherapy pulse point whenever you feel stressed and scattered to pull your energy back into alignment; use it to enhance your meditation or yoga practice; or simply wear the beautiful aroma as a perfume to maintain your equilibrium.

    Apply liberally to your pulse points and replenish as desired.

    Our pulse points are the soft, delicate areas of the skin where blood vessels are most concentrated at the surface: wrists, temples, neck, behind the knees, the crease of the elbow etc. These areas are where we can usually feel our pulse beating gently below the surface of our skin.
    Due to the higher concentration of blood vessels in these areas, pulse points are ideal for diffusing aromas and are traditionally where perfumes are applied. The aroma radiates outward with the warmth of the heart to envelop you in your chosen essential oils. 
    Rolling pure essential oils (safely diluted in a certified organic jojoba oil) in these areas allows the essential oils to be readily absorbed into the skin and circulate throughout the body, while also transforming your body into your own personal diffuser by effectively diffusing the aromas outwards and around you. It’s a beautiful and convenient way to feel the benefits of aromatherapy immediately.


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