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Create your dream trio.

Your Choice of Three Essential Oil Blends | Reusable Perfect Potion Calico Bag

These special offer trio allows you to select your favourite potions to curate your ultimate aromatherapy kit. Perfect for creating a personalised gift for a friend, or to keep as your very own mini-apothecary.

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    Noël Blend
    Smells like Christmas.
    Rejoice in the magic of Christmas with this festive blend as you gather with friends and family. Noël evokes feelings of warmth, peace, harmony, happiness and holiday cheer with the traditionally sweet and spicy scents of sweet orange, clove, nutmeg, pine, bay laurel and cold-pressed lime pure essential oils. This wholesome blend feels like the spirit of Christmas and radiates love.

    Mindfulness Blend
    Embrace the present moment with mindful awareness.
    This recuperative, contemplative, mind-focussing blend concocted with calming lavender, mentally-stimulating lemon, and the spiritual, grounding earthy aromas of black spruce, vetiver, sandalwood, buddhawood and atlas cedarwood. Diffuse mindfulness to assist you in elevating your consciousness and honouring the present moment.

    Positive Vibes 10mL
    Diffuse good vibes and positivity.
    Feel inspired and energised by the bright, refreshing aromas of sweet orange, mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, lemon myrtle, rosemary and sweet fennel in this uplifting blend and create an atmosphere of happiness.

    Happy & Calm Blend
    Cultivate an atmosphere of happiness and peace.
    Inspire positivity and find emotional comfort and calm with cheerful sweet orange, peaceful Roman chamomile, soothing lavender and grounding frankincense pure essential oils. Especially effective for children and those who are young at heart, Happy & Calm is the perfect remedy dispel grumpiness and nurture your inner child.

    Celebration Blend
    Create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.
    Capture the spirit of joy and create a celebratory atmosphere in any space with the uplifting, sweet, enticing aromas of sweet orange, ylang ylang, mandarin, palmarosa, aniseed, lemon myrtle and rose pure essential oils.

    Relax Blend
    Relax your mind and release stress.
    Calm racing thoughts and dispel anxiousness with this serene blend. Tranquil lavender is enhanced with comforting sweet orange, nurturing geranium and confidence-inspiring ylang ylang in this soul-nourishing pulse point to help soothe anxiety and nurture inner peace.

    Sweet Dreams Blend
    Drift off into a dreamy paradise.
    Envelop yourself in an aromatic lullaby and snuggle up for a good night’s rest with the serene aromas of Sweet Dreams. This heavenly symphony of lavender, petitgrain, sweet orange, clary sage and Roman chamomile pure essential oils helps induce feelings of stillness and sleepiness, and encourages blissful dreaming.

    Hug Time Blend
    Like a cuddle in a bottle.
    Envelop yourself in happiness and love with the comforting aromas of lavender, sweet orange, palmarosa, geranium, patchouli, ginger, ylang ylang and rose absolute. This beautiful, nurturing blend is full of gentleness and care, and feels like a warm embrace from a loved one.

    Focus Blend
    Feel motivated and inspired.
    Harness your potential with the refreshing aromas of lemon, rosemary, basil, peppermint and black pepper pure essential oils. Focus your concentration and boost your memory to achieve your aspirations with a clear, sharp mind.

    Spa Escape Blend
    Like a holiday in paradise.
    Spoil yourself with a spa day, and indulge in the revitalising, fresh, relaxing aromas of our new Spa Escape blend. The luxury and nourishing rejuvenation of spa retreats is captured in the aromas of joyful mandarin, relaxing lavender, revitalising geranium, passionate ginger, optimistic coriander seed, vibrant may chang, and opulent ylang ylang pure essential oils.

    Snooze Blend
    Fall into a deep sleep.
    Create a sleep cocoon and fall into a deep and restful sleep with the soothing scent of Snooze.
    Calming, tension-reducing lavender, in perfect synergy with comforting sweet orange, promotes tranquillity and relaxation. Petitgrain has a stabilising effect on the nervous system and vetiver alleviates mental and emotional exhaustion to help you find deep rest.

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