Blue Tansy Oil 5mL

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Read Blue Tansy monograph by Salvatore Battaglia here.

Blue tansy oil is very high in chamazulene. This gives the oil its distinctive blue colour. The oil is emotionally uplifting and is well known for its soothing and calming qualities.

A dark blue coloured oil with a rich, diffusive sweet herbaceous aroma.

Batch number: 003036

Botanical Name:

Tanacetum annuum

Country of origin:


Part of plant:

Aerial part of the plant.

Method of extraction:

Steam distillation.


chamazulene 9.3%, camphene 9.9%, sabinene 20.5%, ß-pinene 6.9%, myrcene 5.9%, a-phellandrene 6.3%

Add 2 drops to your aromatherapy diffuser or 2 drops to every 10mL of carrier oil.

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