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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day | Aromatherapy Products and Supplies

Today is World Mental Health Day: a day for education, awareness and support around mental health. While mental health is becoming a more frequent, open conversation, there is still work to be done to remove the stigma around mental health, so that people can seek the assistance and support they need. With one in five Australians being affected by mental illness, it’s important for us to start seeing mental health in a positive light and to find ways to promote more self-care in our everyday lives.

Aromatherapy is widely known as a holistic form of treatment for managing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Research has shown a strong correlation between the use of aromatherapy and an overall increase in mood, anxiety and depression, making aromatherapy a valuable alternative to psychotropic drugs and muscle relaxants that are commonly used to treat conditions such as anxiety (Edge, 2003).

The powerful practice of aromatherapy gives us the ability to access relaxation, calm and comfort amongst a range of other positive emotions when we are feeling inundated. You can receive the benefits of aromatherapy by using essential oils found in Perfect Potion’s massage oils, balms, aromatic mists, essential oil blends, skin care, and bath and body potions in your daily self-care ritual.

A few of our most loved essential oil blends, balms and mists for maintaining a positive mindset and for bringing yourself back to the present moment are:

A simple ritual you could incorporate into your day is pouring a nice warm bath with a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Inhale the aromas, and bring quiet to your mind as you create a space for relaxation. By incorporating aromatherapy into our daily lives, we find ways to navigate feelings of stress, anxiety and depression more efficiently, contributing to greater mental health.

We encourage you to check in with yourself and your loved ones today, asking what is needed to bring more calm, balance and positivity into fruition. It is our hope that you discover and explore the benefits of aromatherapy for your mental health and wellbeing.