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Who Is The Green Goddess?

Who Is The Green Goddess? | Perfect Potion | Certified Organic

Who is the Green Goddess/God?

You may have heard us talk a lot about the ‘Green Goddess/God’, but have you ever wondered who the Green Goddess/God truly is? There is a  in all of us. The Green Goddess/God is on a journey of self-discovery.

When you embody the essence of a Green Goddess/God, you embody positivity, thoughtfulness, empathy and creativity. You strive to be more socially and environmentally aware. Our Green Goddess/God essence encourages us to lead a life nurtured by nature, and our respect for the delicate balance of the environment deepens. It inspires passion within us to support sustainability and cruelty-free living. When we live in harmony with our inner Green Goddess/God, we feel inspired.

Whether it’s through sourcing the highest quality certified natural and organic ingredients, or through our certification with Choose Cruelty Free, at Perfect Potion, we strive to consistently live by the Green Goddess/God qualities.

Our commitment to treading lightly on the planet is reflected in our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic and ensure sustainable packaging and through the incorporation of recycled timber and natural building elements in our stores. Complete with sustainable, energy-efficient technologies, our Brisbane-based Head Office also beautifully reflects our nature-loving ethos!

Not only do we embody the Green Goddess philosophy in the processes and delivery of our products, we have gone the extra mile to dedicating a range of products dedicated to awakening and embracing the Green Goddess within. This range epitomises the spirit of all Green Goddesses. It nurtures and comforts, promotes self-awareness, wellbeing and encourage connection with the beauty of nature. Read the inspiration behind this divine blend.