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We’ve been recognised as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste 3-Star Partner again!

We’ve been recognised as a CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste 3-Star Partner again!
Pictured: Janet Shackleton, General Manager and Salvatore Battaglia, Owner & Founder.

At the heart of Perfect Potion is a deep and unwavering reverence for nature.

Our vision and purpose is to support the individual, community and environment to flourish using nature’s incredible gift of essential oils to find harmony in body, mind and spirit. As such, we are innately passionate about enriching the beautiful planet we love and live in, and this deep care for the environment is heavily entwined in our ethos and values.

As an eco-conscious, family-owned Australian aromatherapy company, we are overjoyed to have been confirmed once again as a 3-Star CCIQ ecoBiz Energy, Water and Waste Star Partner!

Since we first opened our doors in 1991, we have held strong to our vision of enhancing wellness and enriching the environment. These values underpin every product we make and every action we take, and has been so from the very beginning.

We have used recycled materials and natural building elements since the earliest of days (our first Perfect Potion sanctuary was actually composed of recycled kitchen cabinets!), and in recent years we have deepened our commitment to sustainability.

To make our footprint smaller, we have made big changes.
According to recent ecoBiz Audit (Feb 2021), since our first ecoBiz report (2017) we have:

  • reduced our energy consumption by 54%
  • reduced the amount of waste material to landfill by 64%

We have achieved this by:

  • installing two 30kL rainwater tanks to help us reduce our future water usage
  • composting our food waste to fuel our aromatic garden, which is designed based on regenerative agriculture principles (coming soon - watch this space!)
  • implementing an energy-neutral strategy: harvesting the energy of nature to fuel our operations.

Aromatherapy Oils Australia


At Perfect Potion we are able to design, manufacture and distribute all of our aromatherapy preparations under one roof in Banyo, Brisbane. This alone means we are able to substantially reduce our carbon footprint, and all our operations are powered by our 294 solar panels, which often supply more energy back into the grid! In 2020, we imported 41.47mwh, and exported 68.99mwh, supplying 27.52mwh of energy from the sun to the grid. Not only that, but since installing the solar panels in December 2018, we have saved saved 130,750.23kg of C02 emissions – equivalent to planting 3,902.5 trees!


Aromatherapy Oils Australia


We have made the consicous effort to shift away from plastic.

For our Warehouse Despatch, we have acquired a special cardboard crimper that allows us to repurpose cardboard boxes to use as packaging paper instead of plastic bubble wrap.

When it comes to our products, we have been converting our product packaging to glass, aluminium, recycled cardboard and 100% recycled plastic (PET plastic) to continue to implement sustainable solutions.

Another new addition is rolling out refill stations for our all-natural, aluminium-free deodorants; best-selling Chakra Balancing Mist; and beloved Cosmos Organic Rose Water. This way, our dedicated customers can bring in their empty, glass bottles to refill to their heart’s content without waste.

All of this is in addition to our products being created from sustainably sourced ingredients and majority certified-organic products.

Organic ingredients not only benefit personal wellbeing, but also enhance the health of the soil, plants, animals, and the planet as a whole. By sourcing quality, certified organic ingredients, we support small farmers and businesses, and strengthen our community and economy. Perfect Potion has also recently reformulated most of our products to be palm-free, and all of our products are vegan or vegetarian. Some products contain bees wax that has been locally harvested. And we have always been and always will be cruelty-free.

Every small change makes a big difference, and we couldn’t be happier about our contributions to this beautiful planet.

We thank you for supporting us and our environmental initiatives to ensure we can help you, and the earth, flourish.

Aromatherapy Oils Australia