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The Inspiration Behind Sacred Space Essential Oil Collection

Sacred Space Essential Oil Collection | Aromatherapy Oils

By Salvatore Battaglia, Founder and Co-Owner of Perfect Potion

Sacred spaces are a place of refuge and quiet retreat. They offer renewal and a sanctuary for the senses and can be places where we escape the pressures of the day to heal and comfort and cultivate a sense of harmony and balance.

Essential oils evoke powerful emotions and often awaken long lost memories of our favourite sacred spaces. It is with this in mind that we have created our range of Sacred Space Essential Oil Blends. These blends are very personal and we will all interpret them differently. I like to think of them as our little spirit guides that connect us with the sacred elements of nature and our inner nature.

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Sacred Journey

Helps us to find comfort and guidance on our journey of discovery of the sacred within.

Inspiration: I feel a strong connection with this country every time I smell Sacred Journey. There are so many unique Australian oils in this blend.

Recommended for: Everyone who appreciates the sacred. Those who are learning to trust their gut feelings and intuition. Those who need to harness the courage to follow their dreams.

Benefits: Harmony and deep inner confidence

Smell description: So gentle, yet revitalising and balancing. It is a complex blend of fresh citrus, floral and woody oils. This can only be achieved by creating a blend with 17 essential oils, many of which are unique to Australia.

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Sacred Knowledge

The forest and woods.

Recommended for: Anyone who likes spending time in nature. This blend is for the individual who wishes to reconnect with the wisdom of their soul and nature itself. The conifers have an innate ability to allow us to tap into the mysteries of nature. 

Benefits: Awakens your innate wisdom and connects with the knowledge held deep within your soul.

Smell description: A complex aroma that is magical and mystical. Deep conifer notes of spruce have been enriched with sage and basil, while white frankincense and cedarwood provide a complex resin-y, woody note that awakens our innate wisdom.  

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Sacred Dreaming

Become aware of your dreams and the messages they bring from your subconscious.

Carl Jung once said: “The dream is a hidden door to the inner most recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night … all consciousness separates, but in dreams we put on the likeness of that more universal, truer, more eternal man dwelling in the darkness of that eternal night.”

Jung did not believe that dreams needed to be interpreted for them to perform their function. Instead, he suggested that the role of dreams is to integrate our conscious and unconscious lives. He referred to this as the process of individuation. Individuation can be thought of as the mind’s quest for wholeness.

Inspiration: The power and meaning of dreams.  

Recommended for/Benefits: Allows us to escape into our subconscious and trust our dreams.

Smell description: Sweet, soothing and comforting. A balance of oils such as rosemary and peppermint delicately balanced with soothing oils such as vetiver, lavender, sandalwood and patchouli make this blend revitalizing, nurturing and balancing.  

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Sacred Temple

Inspiration: Inspired by the soul of Japanese temples, this blend will help you to see the sacredness in all things. I have always wanted to make a blend with oakmoss – it has been described as an oil that encourages us to tap into the richness of the universe.

Recommended for/ Benefits: Those who appreciate the mystery of life. It helps us see the sacred in all things.

Smell description: This is such a delightful complex blend - exotic, spicy, mossy with rich woody and earthy notes. It has the warmth and spiciness of ginger, the refreshing scent of pine and hinoki and the excitement of bergamot and grapefruit. The heart and soul of this blend is oakmoss absolute.