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Taking Action for Climate

Taking Action for Climate | Perfect Potion | Aromatherapy Supplies

We applaud everyone who is taking ACTION to prevent further global warming and climate change. Our ethos and values have always been connected to living harmoniously with nature and treading gently on the planet.

We know many Perfect Potion customers are taking action too, whether you have reduced your landfill, use of fossil fuels or coal-fired power, decreased water usage, or have been planting more trees.  You may even support environmental organisations and certified organic farmers and businesses.

We are taking action to:

  • We compost our food waste, have installed energy efficient lighting and 294 solar panels to completely power our office and feed energy back into the grid;
  • We use sustainable packaging with all our dispatch and shipping;
  • We continue to convert our product packaging to glass and recyclable aluminium;
  • We use certified organic ingredients. Organic agriculture supports and enhances the health of the soil, plants, animals, humans and planet as one.

These actions contribute to change. In two years, we have reduced our energy consumption by 53.2%, we have reduced water consumption by 74.89% and we have reduced waste to landfill by 65.6%.

It takes commitment by all of the team at Perfect Potion to achieve these results. We are proud of their ongoing commitment to change.  

Make sure Australia’s politicians hear YOUR voice. If you haven’t done so already, write to your local member of parliament and let them know how you would like them to take action.