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Kitchen: Aromatherapy for the Home

Kitchen: Aromatherapy for the Home | Perfect Potion | Aromatherapy Diffusers

Gourmet kitchen aromas to enhance your culinary experience

Nothing beats the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Whether it be cookies baking in the oven, or the fragrant aromas of fresh pasta sauce simmering on the stove, the kitchen is the ultimate space to bond with others over tasty food and good conversation. Have you ever noticed how the smell of a particular food or meal can instantly take you back to a memorable occasion? Or how if you’ve come down with a cold or flu, it’s difficult to taste your food? Our sense of smell is vital to our wellbeing, but it’s especially important for the enjoyment of our food and cooking.

During the week, our time spent in the kitchen can be brief due to our busy work schedules. We often find ourselves rummaging to find a quick feed or snack to satisfy our grumbling tummies without noticing the delicious smells of our food. The aromas from our food are not only important for our enjoyment, but also trigger the start of the digestion process via our salivary glands. Ever wonder where the word ‘mouth-watering’ came from? To enhance your culinary experience and to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and aromatic, we recommend these gourmet kitchen essential oil blends for your diffuser.


Think fresh, citrusy and uplifting! Zest blend contains cold-pressed lime, sweet orange, rosemary and mandarin essential oils, a tangy composition to excite your senses and create a positive ambience in your culinary space. Cold-pressed lime, mandarin and sweet orange essential oils refresh and uplift, while rosemary essential oil stimulates the psyche and allows us to tap into our inner creativity Jamie Oliver. You’ll be a MasterChef sensation in no time!

Thai Fusion

Find yourself reaching for that second and third cup of coffee in the morning? Allow the vibrant and lively aromas of Thai Fusion blend to awaken your mind and energise the space around you with pure essential oils of lemongrass, lime, black pepper and ginger. Lemongrass essential oil has been likened to taking a refreshing, cool morning shower, while ginger, black pepper and lime pure essential oils promote alertness, stimulate the mind and help us get a move on when we’re feeling stuck!

Exotic Spice

Reminiscent of sipping a sweet, spicy cup of mulled wine by a warm fire, Exotic Spice is the perfect blend for inviting a homely and cosy feeling into your kitchen. The combination of cinnamon, sweet orange and rosemary pure essential oils in Exotic spice blend will kindle a warmth that radiates from within, while encouraging feelings of joy and inspiration. We love diffusing this blend during family celebrations and to inspire our sweetest kitchen creations. Warm apple crumble, anyone?

To help enhance your culinary experience and inspire your most mouth-watering creations, purchase Zest, Thai Fusion and Exotic Spice essential oil blends in our Gourmet Aromas Kitchen Trio. Alternate the blends or move through each individual blend as you progress through your day, from sunrise until sunset.