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Inside Sharon Woods' Meditation Space

Inside Sharon Woods' Meditation Space | Perfect Potion Oil Blends

“I was finding my head was always busy and I was getting overwhelmed easily.”

We recently sat down with our General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Sharon, to peer inside her daily meditation practice (featuring her puppy Archer) which she says she can’t imagine going a day without. We also got a sneak peek into her beautiful meditation space!

We're curious... Can you walk us through your journey with meditation?

I started meditating about 10 months ago and I have experienced an amazing difference. My practice differs depending on the time I have. I try to meditate first thing in the morning when I wake up, but if I miss it, I do it just before I go to bed. I try to spend 20 minutes with a guided meditation, but if I haven’t got the time, I will just do a shorter 10 minute one. I begin by lighting some incense or putting a drop of essential oil in my diffuser and breathe deeply. I finish with a short journaling session.

Why is a meditation practice important to you?

I, like many people, have a really busy life. I was finding my head was always busy and I was getting overwhelmed easily. I also recognised I didn’t have a lot of time for me. My time was spent giving out to everyone else. So I started doing an online meditation course, and I really enjoyed the practice and now I can’t imagine not doing it daily.

What are the must-haves that make your meditation space special?

I love my little space. It has my essential oils, my diffuser, a few candles, incense, and crystals. I also have some of my books about meditation and a book to record my journaling in, and of course a comfy seat!

What advice would you give to people struggling to start a meditation practice?

I am no expert, but my advice would be to just stick with it. Find an online course or some free guided meditations to start and then you can progress from there (or stay where you are – because that’s perfect too!) Just allow you some time for yourself and enjoy!


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