Flourish by Salvatore Battaglia

Flourish by Salvatore Battaglia
To celebrate Perfect Potion’s 30th anniversary I have created an aromatherapy blend that embodies the heart and soul of Perfect Potion. This was a challenging task considering that Green Goddess, created for our 20th anniversary, continues to be one of our most popular blends. How could I possibly create a blend that transcends Green Goddess?
For inspiration, I turned to our purpose which is to support the individual, community and environment to flourish by listening, guiding and reconnecting mind, body and spirit
Throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, many people have enjoyed essential oils not just for their wonderful healing properties but because they help us flourish and deal with challenging times. To flourish not only means ‘to be happy’ but also involves being engaged in life, having meaning and purpose, self-esteem, optimism, resilience and experiencing positive relationships.
Flourish blend is a beautiful synergy of sixteen pure essential oils which nurture all the elements that allow us to flourish in life:


The citrus aromas of lemon scented iron gum, bergamot, sweet orange and yuzu are bursting with positivity and optimism. 

The fresh, herbaceous and floral aromas of geranium, melissa, petitgrain and fragonia allow us to embrace change and promote positive relationships. 

The woody scents of hinoki wood and Santalum album give us the courage to listen to each other and our inner voice of guidance.

The mystical balsamic scent of frankincense connects us with the divine. 

The spiritually elevating floral aromas of neroli and roman chamomile allow us to be still and listen to our heart.

The fresh conifer scent of black spruce boosts our resilience while the spicy aroma of cardamom promotes confidence.

The earthy scent of vetiver is stabilising and reminds us to remain connected with those things that matter in our life.

I hope you enjoy the limited-edition Flourish blend.
Best wishes,
Salvatore Battaglia
Owner and founder of Perfect Potion.