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Discover the magic ingredients in our soap range

The magic ingredients in our soap range | Aromatherapy Soap

We have created a luscious, new, handmade aromatherapy soap range that is 100% palm oil free and vegan! These beautiful handmade soaps are kind to the planet and loving to your skin. Discover their key nourishing ingredients below, designed to leave your skin feeling deliciously soft and your senses delighted.

5 luscious skin-loving ingredients in our soaps:

Shea butter is one of the nourishing ingredients starring in our handmade soaps. Here’s why we included it: A renowned skin superfood, shea butter is overflowing with essential fatty acids and features unparalleled softening and suppleness-boosting powers to nourish and comfort your skin.

Olive oil has been dubbed liquid gold for a reason! It is filled with potent skin-loving properties and an abundance of oleic acid, which is famous for replenishing dry skin. It locks in moisture and nourishes the skin with a plenitude of antioxidant compounds.

Coconut oil features an encyclopedic number of skin-enhancing properties. It also contains a high level of fatty acids to provide moisture and ensure a luscious glow. Coconut oil’s ability to create a beautiful lather adds a truly luxurious element to the experience of using our handmade soaps.

Castor oil is a superior moisturiser and is one of the magic skin-loving ingredients in our aromatherapy soaps. Starring a high concentration of fatty acids, it helps soften and hydrate the skin.

Ultra-nourishing and rich in antioxidants, cocoa butter helps soften skin and reduce moisture loss. It’s especially beneficial for repairing dry cracked skin.

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