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Creating Sacred Perfumes | Aromatherapy Products and Supplies

Having just completed the first three chapters (all new) in my upcoming (2020) The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy: Volume III – Psyche & Subtle, I was inspired to create four unique limited-edition blends for Perfect Potion which I have referred to as sacred perfumes. Each sacred perfume reflects the unique subtle healing properties of the very precious, rare and expensive oil of labdanum, oud, pink lotus and yakusugi.

These blends are truly exquisite and divine. They will nurture your soul, instill enlightenment, evoke wisdom and cultivate a deep sense of spiritual calm.

Sacred Perfume - Pink Lotus

Pink lotus sacred perfume

Nelumba nucifera

Pink lotus absolute is one of the most rare and precious natural aromatic ingredients.

Pink lotus sacred perfume oil instills purity and enlightenment. The lotus symbolises the subtle qualities of purity, divinity, beauty, resurrection and enlightenment. It epitomises the subtle qualities of the lotus. The sweet, floral, ethereal, earthy aroma of pink lotus absolute has been blended with bourbon geranium, sweet orange, patchouli, rose absolute and Santalum album.


Sacred Perfume - Pink Lotus

Oud sacred perfume

Aquilaria species

Also known as agarwood, oud has long been considered the most sacred of all scents. Oud sacred perfume oil instills a deep sense of spiritual grounding and inner peace.

Oud is a rare and expensive oil with a rich, musty, woody and earthy aroma. It is often described as having the most complex olfactory accords known in perfumery. Perfect Potion’s agarwood oil is produced from sustainably cultivated Aguilaria trees in Australia.  The scent of oud is highly prized in the Middle East and is used to instil a sense of spiritual calm. The complex earthy aroma of oud has been blended with clove bud, myrrh, patchouli, rose absolute, Santalum album and vetiver.


Sacred Perfume - Labdanum

Labdanum sacred perfume (sold out)

Cistus ladaniferus

Also known as cistus or rock rose, labdanum has been described as the scent of divination.

Labdanum sacred perfume oil instills warmth and comfort in times of spiritual and emotional distress. It nurtures and heals a troubled spirit. The deep spicy, resinous scent of labdanum has been blended with clove bud, everlasting, frankincense, geranium, patchouli, rose absolute, Santalum album and vetiver.

Sacred Perfume - Pink Lotus

Yakusugi sacred perfume (sold out)

Cryptomeria japonica

Evoke the wisdom from one of the oldest trees in the world. Yakusugi sacred perfume oil instills a deep inner spiritual calm and stillness. The subtle woody aroma of yakusugi blends perfectly with sandalwood oil from sustainably and plantation grown Santalum album, white frankincense from the highly prized resin from Boswellia sacra, and the heavenly aroma of neroli. These oils have traditionally been used to promote a reflective and contemplative mind in preparation for meditation, prayer and spiritual practice.

In each blend I ensured the subtle qualities of the key ingredients was deepened and strengthened. I have used Santalum album in each blend. Not only does sandalwood act as a fixative, it enhances the subtle qualities of the blend and does not overpower the overall composition of the blend. The Santalum album is from plantation grown sandalwood trees in the Kununurra, Australia.  The percentage of essential oils in each of these blend ranges from 8 to 12%. I have decided to use a certified organic jojoba oil as the base oil.

Being oil-based means the sacred perfumes will last longer on the skin. Do remember that the scent will differ on the skin from one individual to another.

Yours sincerely,


Salvatore Battaglia


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