Benefits Of Australian Botanicals In Skin Care | Part 1

Benefits Of Australian Botanicals In Skin Care | Part 1

Beautiful and resilient, the unique flora of Australia has survived the harshest conditions on the planet by evolving highly efficient processes to create and store the vital compounds required to sustain their life force. Ten precious native botanicals, all rich in antioxidants and bioactive phyto-compounds, are the heart of Perfect Potion’s Certified Organic Australian Botanical Skin Care. This reservoir of potent activity has been carefully harnessed to energise, restore, nourish, protect and hydrate your skin.

Over this ten-part blog series, we will explore the ten Australian botanicals that are at the core of our vegan and palm free Australian Botanical Skin Care collection, and discuss the improvements you can expect to see in your skin as a result of introducing Australian botanicals in your daily skin ritual.

Part 1 | Davidson Plum (Davidsonia jerseyana)

Origin: NSW coast rainforests

Key Benefits: Antioxidant | Calming | UV damage reduction

These gorgeous dark blue plums with vibrant red flesh grow in the rainforests of northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. Abundant in potent anthocyanin and gallic acid antioxidants, Davidson Plums support and protect the skin against oxidative damage, improve collagen production, and support the repair of damaged tissue with skin feeling firmer, smoother and calmer.

Due to its antioxidant potency, we have included Davidson Plum in our Replenish Cleansing Milk, Replenish Hydrating Solution, Replenish Ultra-rich Moisture Cream, Soothe Cleansing Gel and Sooth Moisture Cream to repair UV damaged skin and improve your skin’s moisture levels, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

Davidson Plum’s repairing and calming qualities are also beneficial to oily and combination skin types, making it an essential ingredient of our Purify Cleansing Gel and Balance Moisture Emulsion. Purify Cleansing Gel gently foams away excess oil, impurities, pollution and light-weight make up, leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and vibrant. Balance Moisture Emulsion then moisturises skin without clogging pores, leaving it feeling soft, balanced and shine free.

We encourage you to call your local Perfect Potion store to book in for your FREE mini facial so that you can fully experience the potent activity of Davidson Plum as well as the nine other Australian botanicals in our new skin care collection.