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Australian artist: Paola Milani

Australian artist: Paola Milani | Aromatherapy Supplies and Products

We caught up with the incredibly talented artist behind Perfect Potion's unique imagery, Paola Milani. She gave us some insight to the inspiration behind the beautiful new Australian native flora featured on our new gift packs.

"I've had the pleasure of creating artwork for Perfect Potion's gift packs for a number of years. They've ranged in style and mediums, but they have always related to my love of flora and nature.

This year in particular, the emphasis has been on my big love of Australian native flora. I use dot and line work to create mandalas around the flora to represent the essence and vitality of the plants. Native plants for me represent a connection to the sacredness of our land. They give me a sense of connection back to the natural world, our land, which is easy to lose sight of in modern society.

My goal with these creations was to capture the powerful essence of these incredible botanicals with the hope that it will inspire us all to connect back to nature and each other more. That is a true gift."

Explore our new collection of exclusively designed gift packs, intended to be given to your loved ones, wrapped at most, in a simple piece of twine.