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Staying calm, clear and focused while working from home

Whether you’re working from home, or working from an office space, there’s something to be said for keeping a neat and tidy workspace. Have you ever walked into an office, perhaps it was your own, and felt a sense of overwhelm when you saw the clutter on the desk? We look at how to create an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing workspace using the powerful benefits of aromatherapy.

According to Penny Zenker, author of The Productivity Zone, when we get into a habit of using our desk space as storage for our files or miscellaneous papers, our productivity levels begin to plummet. Sound familiar? This is because we are reminded of what we need to organise instead of feeling ready to sail through our day’s to-do list! For this reason, it’s important to get into a routine of spending a few minutes at the start and end of each day tidying and organising our desk. By doing this, when we return to work the next day, yesterday’s business isn’t lingering or demanding our precious time.

Once your workspace is tidy, you can start adding things that are pleasing and comforting to you while you work, such as plants, inspirational quotes, photos, an aromatherapy diffuser and pure essential oils. To help keep you feeling calm, clear and focused, we would recommend our Focus, Mindfulness and Positive Vibes essential oil blends to diffuse in your workspace.

Here’s why:



Sal, Owner of Perfect Potion and Creator of Focus blend says rosemary has always been well known in traditional medicine for improving mental and cognitive functions. For this reason, rosemary essential oil is one of the essential ingredients in our Focus blend. He also included lemon, basil, peppermint and black pepper essential oils, which are also helpful for clearing our minds and making decisions… Yep, a real winner for the office!



This nurturing blend has been created to help bring us back to the present moment, where all our ideas can be brought to life! Mindfulness blend contains essential oils of lemon, lavender, black spruce, Atlas cedarwood, vetiver, Buddha wood and Australian sandalwood. Sandalwood has been traditionally used in meditation and is said to help get rid of mental chatter, which can be a huge distraction while we’re trying to focus. Additionally, vetiver essential oil in Mindfulness blend helps us to feel balanced and grounded, while lemon essential oil lifts our spirits and keeps us mentally alert when three-thirty-itis strikes!


Positive Vibes

The name says it all! Positive Vibes has been made to spread good vibes and let positivity into our lives, and we all love a bit (a lot) of that! The cheerful, uplifting aromas of sweet orange, pink grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, lemon myrtle, rosemary and sweet fennel essential oils in this blend will have you feeling upbeat and carrying a smile all day long. Sweet orange essential oil is one of the highlights of this scrumptious blend because it evokes positivity and joy and awakens our inner creative genius. Sweet orange essential oil is also perfect for when we are feeling a little tense or spacey. It also contains mandarin essential oil, which Sal says is great for clearing any feelings of irritability, moodiness, frustration and emotional instability. We personally think this blend is a must-have for any space!



To help you stay sharp and focused on what’s in front of you while you’re working at home, purchase Focus, Mindfulness and Positive Vibes blends in our Clear & Focused Trio Kit and Clear & Focused Home Office Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit. Move through each of the blends as your day progresses or choose a blend of the day to keep you feeling motivated, energised and inspired while you work.




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