Balance Skin Care Starter Kit

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Balance oiliness and calm acne-prone skin.

Products included in this bundle:
Neroli Water COSMOS Natural   + $0.00
Purify Cleansing Gel Cosmos Organic   + $0.00
Balance Moisture Emulsion COSMOS Organic   + $0.00
Fine Mist Spray   + $0.00



    Balance + Purify Key Ingredients


    Australian Native Extracts

    Davidson Plum: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Protects against oxidative damage.

    Quandong: Improves skin exfoliation. Encourages the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Draws moisture to the skin thereby improving hydration.

    Lemon Aspen: Anti-inflammatory. Promotes skin healing. Anti-bacterial.

    Purify Cleansing Gel

    This purifying cleansing gel gently foams away excess oil, impurities, pollution and light-weight make-up leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and vibrant.

    Botanical Actives:

    Aloe vera juice: Hydrating and soothing.

    Key Essential Oils

    Geranium: Balances oiliness.

    Juniper: Purifies the skin.

    Lavender: Skin soothing

    Neroli Water

    Hydrate and soothe your skin with this gentle fragrant floral water distilled from the blossoms of the orange tree. Your skin will feel hydrated and calm and your senses relaxed.

    • Skin feels refreshed and hydrated.
    • Calms and soothes sensitive skin.
    • The gentle fragrance of orange blossom relaxes your senses.

    Balance Moisture Emulsion

    This ultra-light lotion is readily absorbed by your skin leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and balanced. It moisturises your skin without clogging pores and leaves it shine-free. Balances oiliness and calms acne-prone skin. Especially suited to hot, humid climates.

    Botanical Actives:

    Aloe vera juice: Hydrating and soothing.

    Key Essential Oils:

    Geranium, Cypress, Lavender: Balance oiliness and awaken your senses.

    Step 1) Lather a small amount of Purify Cleansing Gel with warm water, massage over damp skin and rinse thoroughly. May be used morning and evening.

    Step 2) After cleansing, spritz your face with Neroli Water. Carry Neroli Water with you and spritz over your face throughout the day to hydrate and calm your skin. Pour onto cotton pads and place over your eyes to refresh and calm irritation.

    Step 3) Gently massage a small quantity of Balance Moisture Emulsion into your freshly cleansed face, neck and décolletage using upward movements. Press into your skin to aid absorption. For best results, apply after hydrating your skin with Neroli Water. May be used morning and evening.

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