New Years Resolutions

Question – What is the best way to end a year and begin a new year?
Answer – Attend a Michael Franti concert!

His concerts are  always full of positive energy, compassion and love and awesome music that gets deep into your heart.

Carolyn and I were so lucky to meet Michael  Franti at Woodford Folk Festival. Visit our Facebook page to see a beautiful video!

He was doing a sound check on stage preparing for his concert that evening.   He was then interviewed by a local journalist. Michael asked us to join him for the interview. After the interview he sang a few songs. This moment was just as awesome as the evening concert!

What is your New Year resolution?

Perhaps Michael Franti gives us the best advice when it comes to making New Year resolutions when he sings  “the purpose of life is to live a life with purpose.”

Michael always sings from the heart.  In this same song he says that everyone ought to hug someone at least once a day, everyone ought to kiss someone at least once a day.


image from Michael Franti’s FB page

He explained that the inspiration for the song came to him when his 15 year old son was diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder. People diagnosed with this condition require dialysis and transplant within a few years.  He explained that in life when something challenging happens to us it can be too easy to become overwhelmed with anger and grief, however with love, hugs and kisses can help make the family stronger and help us appreciate and be grateful for one day at a time.

I am sure that these simple words of wisdom will give us the strength to live a life with purpose.

I do sincerely hope that you will have an amazing 2016.

Lots of love, Sal and Carolyn

More info about Michael and his son can be found here.