Meet the Presenters Queensland: Sally Horrobin

Introducing Sally…

This year’s Perfect Potion presenter lineup boasts a diverse range of presenters experienced in the field of aromatherapy and more. If you’re a budding aromatherapist or interested in beginning your aromatherapy journey, we have a range of Introduction to Aromatherapy workshops in QLD, NSW and VIC. Our workshops and discovery nights are centered around introducing you to the wonders of aromatherapy and combining aromatherapy with meditation, chakras and D.I.Y skincare.

Sally Horrobin, is our gorgeous QLD workshop presenter.

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Sally Horrobin (QLD)

After many years of studying meditation, massage, shamanic space holding, energy healing, personal development, trans-personal arts therapy, plant spirit communication, esoteric and ancient tribal knowledge for her own personal healing, Sally received very clear guidance that it was time to share this wealth of knowledge and put these teachings into practice holding space for others to engage safely with these healing modalities. What resulted has been a beautiful alchemy of complimentary practices. These practices, her experiential knowledge, apprenticeship training and intuitive guidance combined, have cultivated a unique, powerful and nurturing medicine combining meditation, deep shamanic space holding, aromatherapy, plant alchemy, crystal work, ritual and Earth medicine. Sally currently holds classes and workshops throughout Australia as well as supporting one on one clients weekly and facilitates integration counselling for post workshop and ceremony support.