Meet The Presenters: Jenn King

Introducing Jenn…

This year’s Perfect Potion presenter lineup boasts a diverse range of presenters experienced in the field of aromatherapy and more. If you’re a budding aromatherapist or interested in beginning your aromatherapy journey, we have a range of  workshops in QLD, NSW and VIC. Our workshops and discovery nights are centered around introducing you to the wonders of aromatherapy and combining aromatherapy with meditation, chakras and D.I.Y skincare.

Jenn, is our beautiful NSW Aromatherapy and Mindfulness workshop presenter.

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Jenn King

Jenn has been practicing meditation, mindfulness and yoga for over 12 years.

She is a trained meditation and yoga teacher specialising in different yoga techniques to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Jenn has created and run various community meditation and yoga programs for mental health and is passionate about managing mental illness with mindfulness techniques. As a Perfect Potion staff member, she loves to work with essential oils to enhance the effects of meditation and yoga. Jenn is also the manager of the beautiful Perfect Potion Bondi store.