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Relaxation Inspiration…

It’s time to examine our down time! Perhaps that time we spend on social media drooling over beautiful food and travel destinations could be better spent focusing on what really brings us peace. The Perfect Potion team share their favourite go-to methods to relax and unwind…

visual merchandiser at Perfect Potion, diffuses Relax Essential Oil Blend to create her own personal sanctuary amidst the chaos of daily life. She tells us, “there is something about Relax Blend that transports me to a calmer place mentally, giving me a beautiful feeling of calm and clarity.“

Gabriela from Perfect Potion’s Pacific Fair store finds peace in practising mindfulness and relaxing breathing techniques. Her advice is to “relax by connecting with your body, disconnecting from the outside, forgetting momentarily about any problems or issues that may be going on in your life. Breathe deeply, start visualising a relaxing sacred space… Feel your heartbeat slow with each inhalation”. Keep a Relax Aromatic Mist in your handbag and always be ready to make some quiet time for yourself.


Deneale, Perfect Potion’s Retail Administrator, tells us “I will either go for a run or do a workout and then, when I finally stop for the day (just before bed), I rub some Relax Aromatherapy Balm on my shoulders and neck. It really relaxes me after sitting in front of the computer all day at work and running around after three kids.”

Joy, manager of Perfect Potion’s Pacific Fair store, creates a relaxation ceremony. She says, “You will need: a Relax Aromatic Mist, a journal, Relax Herbal Tea, and a Relax Aromatherapy Balm. Gently surround yourself with the aromatherapy mist. If you have an intention this is a great time to repeat it (something simple like I intend to relax and unwind). Take a few minutes to sit in stillness (outside is best) focusing on breathing, acknowledging any thoughts that come up and letting them go. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes, this can be a great time to do some journaling – no need to overanalyse – just anything that comes to mind – a great time to work on solutions to challenging issues/decisions. When you’re relaxed and grounded the world will look different. Sip Relax Herbal Tea while writing – this blend of chamomile, hops flowers and lavender works to calm and soothe your body while you pour out your thoughts onto paper. When finished you may like to repeat (or develop) an affirmation/goal statement. Close the ritual with an expression of gratitude and thanks. Follow with another mist and application of Relax Balm. Massage the balm onto your temples, back of your neck and a small amount onto the soles of your feet. This is a fantastic way to start the day calm and balanced, or to wind down and close the day before bed.”

RelaxBathThings_E9A1153_300pxJo, Perfect Potion’s graphic designer, takes time out to apply Relax Massage Oil to her skin after showering. She tells us, “The blend of relaxing oils is one I never tire of. The gentle floral aromas draw me into the moment just long enough to create a sense of calm and gratitude.”

Anett, Perfect Potion Regional Retail Manager for New South Wales, describes her relaxation routine as, “A gorgeous bath filled with Relax Bath Oil or Relax Bath Soak, crystals and flowers.” Moisturising sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, combined with the calming and soothing combination of essential oils in Relax Bath Oil nourish and calm the body… Or  sink into a Relax Bath Soak, the perfect combination of magnesium salts and relaxing essential oils to melt the stress from your body while you release the thoughts of the day.

For more relaxation inspiration please visit our previous posts on how to relax into your life or discover how to become your own self care master.

Bedtime Brew

Bedtime Brew

By Rita Balshaw – Hippies in the City

Serves One

Sleep is the ultimate detoxifier, a time when your body can deeply repair and replenish itself. The best quality sleep occurs before midnight. Aim to get ready for slumber before 10pm at least three nights per week, even if this means sipping on herbal tea, resting and reading in bed.

Using an aromatherapy diffuser in the evenings is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere in your home. Essential oils that assist with sleep are chamomile, neroli, patchouli, lavender, jasmine, clary sage and frankincense.
The following beverage recipe is an easy and effective concoction using calming loose leaf herbs and nutritionally wholesome ingredients that will send you into a sleepy paradise!

2 tblsp Relax Herbal Tea Blend
1 cup rice or almond milk
1 tsp raw organic honey
A pinch of cardamom powder

Begin by adding the Relax Herbal Tea to a drinking mug and cover with a little boiling water. Allow the herbs to infuse for at least 15 minutes, ensuring all their healing minerals are extracted.
In a small saucepan gently heat the milk of your choice. Stir in the strained herbal tea infusion and raw honey. Pour into your favourite bedtime drinking mug and finish with a dusting of cardamom. Sip and enjoy. Nighty Night!

Everlasting Blend Master Competition Winners


As you learned from the essential oil monograph that I recently wrote – everlasting is an amazing essential oil. It has such incredible healing properties that work deep down at an emotional level and it also happens to be one of the most healing oils on the skin.

Everlasting has such an intense herbaceous rich aroma that can make it challenging to blend with. I was therefore so amazed at the incredibly diverse and creative blends submitted for the everlasting essential oil blending competition!

A big thank you to everyone that has entered.

I love the way that Lyn Bishop and Chelsea blended everlasting with Australian native essential oils such as lemon myrtle, tea tree and eucalyptus. These blends were so uplifting. Ashley Thang managed to blend everlasting with eucalyptus and geranium to create a blend that really reached deep down into the soul to connect us with nature.

Sharlene Younger’s yin/yang balancing blend with geranium, cedarwood and everlasting was a wonderful union of the feminine and masculine qualities of these essential oils. Mei Huii Lee combined everlasting with sweet orange oil. Mei says that this blend leaves her feeling pampered and calm. What beautiful simplicity!

Margareta Wiegus also created an amazing blend with everlasting using rockrose, rose absolute, melissa, fragonia, jasmine absolute, neroli and champaka absolute. This intensely complex and rich blend was simply divine.

I was also deeply moved by Kirsty Andronov’s blend that she called a big hug. Her grandma had only recently passed way and her blend with everlasting, elemi, frankincense and pink grapefruit does indeed feel like a big hug.

Thank you all so much for giving me so much inspiration – yes you can imagine it was so difficult to judge!

Winners Announced

The final decision often comes down to myself and Carolyn. This time we hotly debated which blend should win. We could not decide on one winner, so we have two winners this month. Robbie James made such wonderful use of everlasting’s therapeutic qualities. Robbie called his blend “heart healer”. Everlasting was blended with patchouli, rose absolute, roman chamomile and just a hint of petitgrain.  He described the blend as the perfect synergy for healing the heart and easing emotional pain.

“Heart healer promotes self-love, soothes grief and helps release emotional trauma by clearing and balancing the heart chakra”

The blend smells amazing!

I would have considered it very challenging to create a perfume with everlasting’s rich and intense base notes. However, Damian Tapley has managed to do this so well.  I have no doubt that vanilla oleoresin and guaiacwood together with everlasting made such a perfect base note for a beautiful middle note floral bouquet of jasmine absolute, French alpine lavender and geranium topped up with beautiful citrus top notes of neroli and bergamot. To this he had also added a dash of juniper and blue cypress oil.

Damian and Robbie a $100 perfect potion gift voucher is on its way!!!


This month essential oil of the month blend will be Frankincense. Please make sure you download the pdf that is now available online. Just a hint – I’m looking for something with a Christmas festive feel or something that allows us to reflect on the spiritual connection that frankincense has long provided us with. Because it is soon Christmas we have decided to up the prize to a $200 gift voucher! We also want to choose the winner before Christmas so you must have your blend by the 15th of December. Winners will be announced on the 16th.

I look forward to seeing your frankincense blend and a big thank you to everyone who has entered the blending competitions so far!


Everlasting Monograph

Everlasting is also commonly known as Everlast, Helichrysum and Immortelle. Everlasting essential oil is a relative newcomer to the practice of aromatherapy. The essential oil’s incredible performance in treating both chronic and acute skin disorders, with its combined skin-regenerating and anti-inflammatory action, has secured it a place as one of the most precious and important essential oils in aromatherapy. Continue reading