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  • Relaxation Inspiration…

    It’s time to examine our down time! Perhaps that time we spend on social media drooling over beautiful food and travel destinations could be better spent focusing on what really brings us peace. The Perfect Potion team share their favourite go-to methods to relax and unwind… Paola, visual merchandiser at Perfect Potion, diffuses Relax Essential Oil… More

  • Bergamot Monograph

    Thanks to Bergamot’s sunny disposition, the oil helps people regain self-confidence, and it uplifts and refreshes the spirits.

  • The Chinese Body Clock

    By Rita Balshaw Have you heard of the Chinese Body Clock? According to the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body has a series of channels or meridians through which energy flows.

  • Super Skincare Ingredients – Marshmallow

    Read on to find out why marshmallow is gaining some serious credit in the world of beauty.

  • Why you need everlasting oil in your life, now!

    We let you in on exactly why we’re head over heels for everlasting essential oil!

  • Everlasting Monograph

    Everlasting is also commonly known as Everlast, Helichrysum and Immortelle. Everlasting essential oil is a relative newcomer to the practice of aromatherapy. The essential oil’s incredible performance in treating both chronic and acute skin disorders, with its combined skin-regenerating and anti-inflammatory action, has secured it a place as one of the most precious and important… More

  • The idea behind the Peace Perfumes

    I still remember so vividly the incredible experience Carolyn and I had while travelling in Iran.

  • Fragonia Monograph

    The unique healing properties of fragonia were first identified by Dr Penoel. Fragonia has the ability to work at a deep level, releasing blockages and having the capacity to bring harmony, peace and balance at an emotional, physical and for some, a spiritual level.

  • A Week of Gratitude

    “It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful” – David Steindl-Rast Replenish mind & soul with the power of gratitude…

  • Become a Self-care Master!

    We each deserve to feel amazing, to be loved, looked after and treated like someone who really matters – because we are!