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  • Create your own DIY Aromatic Mood Mists


    Indulge, play & delve into the romantic whirlwind of aromatherapy alchemy with these DIY Aromatic Mist Recipes. Quick, simple and cost effective, these recipes will help you infuse any area with your most desired scent!

  • DIY Recipes for Luscious Locks


    Treat your hair to the sacred art of alchemy and aromatherapy! Concoct and apply these DIY recipes to feed, nurture and revitalise your locks and drench your hair in natural goodness!

  • Natural DIY Recipes for Body Bliss


    Treat your body as the temple it is with these natural DIY delights. We’ve got some gorgeous recipes to help you unleash your inner aromatherapy alchemist and whip up your own beautiful body creations!

  • Sandalwood Monograph


    “I always refer to essential oils as nature’s gift to humankind. I consider sandalwood one of the most sacred and precious gifts from nature!”

  • Mother’s Day Competition


    Enter to win $500 Perfect Potion Gift Voucher to share with mum! Three ways to enter!! Like and share our Mother’s Day competition FB post. Share our Instagram post, tag @perfectpotion and use #sharethebeautywithmum Email and tell us in 50 words or less how you will share the beauty of nature with mum this… More

  • Experience Greater Connection


    So your assessment showed a Crown Chakra imbalance….

  • Enhance your Insight & Intuition


    So your assessment showed a Third Eye Chakra imbalance….

  • Live Your Truth


    So your assessment showed a Throat Chakra imbalance….

  • Love & Acceptance with Anahata


    So your assessment showed a Heart Chakra imbalance….

  • Embrace your Power with Manipura


    So your assessment showed a Solar Plexus Chakra imbalance….