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Living an Organic Lifestyle

To celebrate Australian Organic Awareness Month, Sal Battaglia discusses the importance of organic products in aromatherapy and the significance organic means for Perfect Potion products.

Living an Organic Lifestyle – by Sal Battaglia

Many people turn to organics for their health and wellbeing. Whether it is the food we eat, the products we inhale or the products we put on our skin –  chemically processed products increase and enhance the risk of potentially harmful toxins entering body that increase the risk of creating potentially harmful free radicals that can be carcinogenic or pro-inflammatory.

Using organics is therefore such an important step in maintaining our health and wellbeing.

Just as important is the health and wellbeing of our planet. When we make the decision to use organics we are playing a vital role in supporting those farmers who utilize farming practices that will not pollute or harm the environment or wildlife. Organic farming is often done on a much smaller scale and essential oils produced from organically grown plants are often a little more expensive, however this does represent the true cost of growing high quality, chemical free products. Also what value do you put on your health and that of your family.

As an aromatherapist, I am also asked what is the difference between a conventional commercial essential oil and a organically produced essential oil. Well number one is the fact that most commercial conventional essential oils are chemically adulterated. This is unfortunately something that happens all too often in the essential oil industry and most essential oil traders turn a blind eye to it – providing all sorts of excuses such as improved pharmacology and better aroma by rectifying or adulterating the oil. What a load of goobly dooks!

I decided to have our organic lavender tested in Japan at a laboratory that uses Kirlian photography and GDV (Gas discharge voltage) technology to test the energetic qualities of the oil.

The proof is in the results. Our organic lavender oil not only had a stronger energetic qualities, it also had a much wider and active bandwidth. This clearly goes to show that when we produce an essential oil or be it food organically it has a stronger energetic quality or dare I say “lifeforce”.

Unfortunately contemporary science is not advanced enough to understand such concept of lifeforce, however in traditional healing systems such Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lifeforce is integral to promoting health and wellbeing.

I firmly believe that not only is the lifeforce of the plant is enhanced when the plant is grown organically, the lifeforce is destroyed when the plant is cultivated by conventional non-organic means.

So by supporting organics, we are securing a better and healthier future for ourselves, our children and our planet!

Tea Alchemy with Rita Balshaw

A Hippies in the City blog post by Rita Balshaw


One of the many things I love about traditional Folk Medicine is that you can easily create your own natural remedies for less than the cost of a loaf of bread. Last week as we entered into the season of Spring, I was seeking to do something purifying and cleansing for my body. As I flicked through my herbal medicine study notes, I came across a great Folk Remedy, known as Medicinal Vinegar. I knew that our Perfect Potion Detox Herbal Tea Blend would be the star ingredient for making this.


Medicinal Vinegar Elixir 

Vinegar effectively extracts the potent properties in dried herbs, therefore it essentially pulls out the goodness from the herbs into the vinegar. Raw apple cider vinegar, offers many health benefits and can be helpful for maintaining normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels, is excellent for maintaining healthy skin and hair as well as aids in digestion and managing fatigue.



1 glass mason jar

Organic raw apple cider vinegar

1 cup Detox Herbal Tea 

Fill the sterilised jar half way with the dried herbs. Pour the apple cider vinegar over the herbs until the jar is filled to the top. Cover tightly and allow to extract for 2 weeks in a cool, dark place. Be sure to shake the jar every couple of days.

After 2 weeks, strain the herbs through a cheesecloth. Decant the clear vinegar liquid into a sterilised glass bottle using a strainer or funnel. Cap tightly, label, and store for up to 6 months in a cool, dark place. As a general guide, take 1 tablespoon of the medicinal vinegar in a little warm water up to 5 times a day or when needed. 

Indoor plants

Create a sanctuary for your senses by combining the power of aromatherapy with thriving indoor plants! Garden centre manager Chelsea from the beautiful Trevallan Lifestyle Centre give us some tips and tricks on starting your very own indoor jungle…

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow. “ — David Hobson

Why indoor plants?

Over the years there has been so much research into not only how being outdoors improves your life but how being surrounded by green living plants inside improves your life, health, brain functioning and even your bank balance.

Indoor plants aren’t a luxury anymore they are a necessity.

It is believed the air circulating inside our workplace buildings and homes is often more polluted than the air outside, and this can have a very real impact on our health. The air inside can contain a toxic cocktail of polluted air that comes from outside and indoor sources. This toxic cocktail of polluted air has been associated with headaches, dry eyes, nose and throat, a woozy-head, nausea, loss of concentration and drowsiness.

Research since the 1980’s has continually proved that even just one healthy living indoor plant (higher than 30cm) can significantly reduce these pollutants and improve people’s productivity and overall health.

Having offices and homes filled with heathy indoor plants has also been found to improve mood. Some case studies have even shown that people tend to trust a company more if they have healthy indoor plants.

Sometimes it’s a little hard to keep indoor plants thriving especially in our offices. We are usually faced with problems such as – no natural light, air conditioning and inability to keep regular water to plants as too much water leads to water overflowing onto workspaces or furniture.

At Trevallan we are trying to come up with ways to make indoor plants easy to keep alive but still really pretty!

Which plants should I try?

There are plants better suited to indoors. If you have tried growing indoor plants before and failed know you are not alone. I have many times seen the lists for the ten most popular house plants and thought to myself ‘hmmmm, killed most of them!’

Sometimes it’s about giving up on our ideal perfect plant to have an amazing plant that looks good all the time. So what if it’s common or not in the magazines … if it grows, looks fantastic and you love it, go with it!

My favourite indoor plants are Zamioculcas, Spathiphyllum, Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia, Syngonium, Calathea, Sansevieria, Oxalis triangularis, Orchids, Chamaedorea elegans and Chamaedorea Seifrizii.

Finding the right container…

Sometimes a really boring plant can be made to look amazing in the right container or done a little differently! Planters, terrariums, kokedamas or plants in a bowl or all ways you can make a simple indoor plant shout ‘look at me’.

Planters have no hole in the bottom. I just place my plant (still in its original plastic pot) in the planter (I do not pot). I then can give my plant a really good drink without the hassle of worrying about water going everywhere as it’s contained in the planter.

If by chance I decide I don’t like that plant or want to swap my plants around I just remove the plant from the planter and swap them around. This way I am always keeping my décor the same (by keeping the same planter) but I can switch my plants.

It can take a while to get used to watering with a planter but once you get used to it you will wonder how you ever survived without them.

I love the meaning of Terrarium – a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown! You can’t get any more exact than that.

What a lovely idea to have a mini landscape sitting on our desks that only requires a small drink once every few months.

I love staring at a terrarium and seeing the moss growing and the plants changing. The maintenance is minimal but therapeutic as it’s a delicate process.

Plants-in-a-bowl is like an open lid style of Terrarium. The plants are planted in glass jar or a decorative bowl. Instead of the plant being inside the container as they would in a terrarium they actually come up and out of the container. There is no need to worry about water running everywhere as the containers are sealed. Water is usually needed at least once a week.

Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai. It is made by binding the plants root ball with a unique soil mixture, moss and string. They are commonly called moss balls.
Kokedamas are usually seen hanging from ceilings or specially made stands. I find they dry out too quickly for me so I like to place them in a bowl. This way I can just fill the bowl with some water and the plant can slowly soak up the moisture as it needs it. I have tried numerous indoor plants with Kokedamas and they all work really well. These plants can become a real talking point in your office.

All plants need water and fertiliser. There are some that require less than others and there are others that require a whole lot of attention. I have developed a little care routine with my indoor plants (apart from my terrariums). The frequency of my watering schedule changes depending on the season from sometimes once a day in the middle of summer to once a fortnight in middle of winter. On the turn of every season I fertilise them with an organic complete slow release fertiliser and give them a shower (to dust their foliage).

Indoor plants can work for everyone. Start small. I started with just one and slowly I am building up my collection. I am not the crazy plant lady yet but slowly getting there. I now know what plants like me and what plants don’t. Every now and then I shout myself a new variety and trial it, sometimes they last forever and sometimes they last only weeks!

Always remember “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” — Liberty Hyde Bailey

Happy gardening.
Chelsea Allan
Trevallan Lifestyle Centre


Complete your very own sanctuary for the senses with an aromatherapy diffuser and pure essential oils.

Proud Supporters Of Queensland Music Festival (QMF)

Perfect Potion are proud sponsors of the 2017 Queensland Music Festival (QMF). Perfect Potion are excited to be a Silver Partner of the state-wide 2017 Festival as well as event partner of two projects, 16 Lovers Lane, and Mission Songs Project, and help contribute towards making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities throughout Queensland.

QMF is an eclectic and exciting range of musical experiences to be had across the entire state from 7 – 30 July 2017. It is a state-wide celebration of musical excellence with an international reputation and an unparalleled geographic reach. With a vision to transform lives through music, the best of local, national and international talent bring every conceivable style of music to Queensland from all walks of life, in Brisbane and in regional and remote centres from the Torres Strait, to Birdsville, to the Gold Coast.

Since 1999 the Festival has engaged audiences of more than a million people through projects in 78 regions across Queensland. QMF is proudly supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Active Naturally

Some of our beautiful Perfect Potion goddesses share their workout and aromatherapy tips…

🌟 The green goddesses from our lovely West End store make exercise a part of their life… Melinda explains her post swimming routine: ‘I love using Detox Body Buff after swimming to help my body detoxify the chlorine, and then the Honey and Chai Double Cream to keep my muscles warm and also to keep my skin from becoming dry after being in the water.Jess takes time out for a daily walk in nature with her beautiful dog… While April enjoys Yoga and Pilates, she also commutes on foot whenever possible, reducing car travel.

🌟Our Technical Manager Deanne stays motivated with Bootcamp and has been testing our NEW Active Muscles Spray in it’s product development, she says “I like to layer the products and directly apply Active Muscles Spray first to affected area/s, followed by massaging with a dab of Active Balm for intensive relief”.

🌟Amy from our Indooroopilly Store enjoys dancing… She explains how she incorporates aromatherapy into her fitness routine “I love using Active Balm on my lower back. I find the Active Balm to be so relieving on my muscular and nervous pain. It even helps me get a better nights rest! The Active Balm also gets me through long days at work on my feet. I love to rub it onto my neck as well as when my shoulder blades are pulling and causing me pain. I love the Clove and Peppermint in the Active Balm for this reason!”

🌟Abby our Export Development Manager explains her routine: “Before and after practicing yoga, I will spray some Chakra Balancing Mist all over the body to help me prepare and finish the practice. I place a couple of drops of our chakra essential oils onto my Lily and Laura bracelet depending on how I feel or I like to feel that day, so I can smell the oils during the whole yoga practice.”

🌟 Kim from our Carindale Store loves Yoga, she says: “I love using the Active Massage Oil after a long yoga session to keep the blood pumping to my muscles and get a bit extra out of my stretching. I also love to put the Chakra Balancing Balm on my third eye before I meditate in savasana at the end of practice.”

🌟 Stephanie from our Newtown store enjoys hiking… She explains: “I pop Cool Mint Aromatic Mist in the fridge next to my water bottle the night before going on a long bushwalk/hike, the refreshing blend of spearmint, peppermint and lemon essential oils is fantastic to spray over the arms and legs when overheated while acting as a great pick me up when my energy starts to dwindle! when i finish and my muscles are a little sore/tight I make sure to pop on the Active Balm which helps to release tension in my muscles using warming ingredients like cajeput, ginger and black pepper.”

Check out our Active special offers here.

Ruby Olive Jewellery

We are excited to be collaborating with Ruby Olive Jewellery to bring you an amazing eco botanical bead necklace!

Simply shop online with Perfect Potion and spend $150 or more to receive a beautiful Ruby Olive necklace* for free as your gift with purchase.

Your new eco botanical bead necklace is made from recycled plant matter with water based resin and natural dyes. It is purposely hand made by a team of artisans who put their souls into their craft. We hope you cherish their hard work like we do.

RUBY OLIVE Jewellery

Ruby Olive is a local Brisbane jewellery designer business with a philosophy focusing on colour, community and imaginative style. They celebrate traditional skills and artisan craftsmanship, making it their mission to create gorgeous sustainable products with a conscience and an ethical heart.

*This is a first in, best dressed online offer. There are four colours in the range and  these will be sent out randomly. We are unfortunately, unable to exchange for a different colour option.

We only have a limited amount of beautiful Ruby Olive necklaces to give away and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous treasure!

The Perfect Potion Family

What is Ginger CO2 and how to use it?

What is the difference between Ginger Essential Oil and Ginger CO2 Essential Oil?

Both are 100% pure essential oils and both have the spicy, warming and invigorating scent of ginger. However, Ginger CO2 is extracted in such a way that it also contains gingerols and shogaol, compounds that contribute to the sharp, pungent smell and taste of fresh ginger. Care must be taken with these compounds as they can cause irritation, and should not be used in a diffuser or added directly to a bath. We love Ginger CO2 so we are putting together a collection of recipes to help you get the most from this wonderfully spicy essential oil…

Abundant Ginger Pulse Point
Combine the following ingredients into a glass roller bottle and transport yourself to a warm tropical beach with this invigorating blend.

💧💧💧💧💧💧 6 drops Cold Pressed Lime
💧💧💧 3 drops Ginger CO2
💧 1 drop Jasmine Absolute
10mL Jojoba Oil

Glass Roller Ball Bottle

Spice Trip Luxurious Body Oil

Combine the following oils into a bowl and massage over your body as desired…

9 drops WA Sandalwood Essential Oil
6 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
6 drops Ginger CO2 Essential Oil
25mL Certified Organic Coconut Oil
25mL Sweet Almond Oil

Find out more about Ginger Essential Oil on Sals Ginger Essential Oil Monograph

Rita Balshaw’s Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness & Aromatherapy

By Rita Balshaw

Anyone can have a mindfulness practice. Any activity done with pure intention and complete presence is meditation. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit you are, if you’re religious or not…mindful meditation is available to us all.

Meditation is all about internal self-connection; by cultivating a deeper connection to ourselves we inevitably gain more understanding into the workings of our bodies, minds and human experiences. In a high pressure society we see more and more people suffering with stress related illnesses; adrenal fatigue, skin conditions, onset obesity, high blood pressure and chronic insomnia.

Mindfulness practice teaches us to literally be mindful – mindful of our thoughts, and mindful of the whole interrelated self; mind, body and spirit.

Historically, meditation forms the foundation of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic approach to healing and balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. By maintaining an open and healthy flowing energy through the body we can free ourselves of the physical and emotional disturbances that essentially may cause chronic stress and illness.


Meditation + Essential Oils

It is said that smells influence how we feel more than any other sensory experience. Essential oils enhance the energetic vibration of our own unique energy field that almost instantaneously transports you to a place of peace and calm. The tradition of using essential oils and aromatic incense resins which are conducive to meditative practice continues to be embraced in today’s contemporary world, bringing relaxation and awareness to the lives of many.

The essential oils I like to use for meditation are frankincense, rose absolute, petitgrain, jasmine, neroli, juniper berry, rosemary, jatamansi, lavender, sage, basil and lotus. These aromas effectively promote a clear mind and joyful heart, leaving me to feel grounded, balanced and in complete harmony.


How do I Meditate?

The best time to start meditation is now! That’s right, right now. Switch off your computer and mobile phone. Just sit. Close your eyes. Breathe. Take deep inhales and slow exhales. Relax your shoulders, softening with each gentle exhale. Notice how your physical body is feeling. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Observe how deep or shallow your breath is. Bring your awareness into your heart and enjoy a few moments to connect with your true self. First thing in the morning is a great time for meditation; it will help keep your body feeling energised and your state of mind positive. You will discover how meditation gently takes you into the present moment and towards self- actualisation.


DIY Meditation Mist

This Meditation Mist is an exclusive blend of essential oils that will help to rebalance and harmonise the energy centres within the subtle body. Use this mist any way you please; before meditation, to clean your yoga mat, as an aromatic mist to promote relaxation.


50ml glass spray bottle 

Purified water

20 drops essential oil solubiliser 

6 drops sage essential oil

6 drops rose essential oil

6 drops frankincense essential oil 

10 drops lemon essential oil


Add all ingredients to a clean glass spray bottle and gently shake to combine. Always label and date your homemade aromatherapy products.


Meditation Extras

Allocate a quiet and clean space, decked out with comfortable cushions, an aromatherapy diffuser, candles and anything spiritually symbolic to help you to commit to your daily practice. Listening to tranquil, euphoric or tribal music whilst meditating will help to enhance your level of relaxation, guiding you towards stillness. Sipping on our Perfect Potion Chakra Balancing Tea prior to mediation is a great way to promote serenity and spiritual expansion.


By Rita Balshaw

Natural Therapist
Dip. Holistic meditation
Cert. wellness coach, facial therapist,
doula, herbalist & restorative yoga teacher  


Want to learn more about Mindfulness and Aromatherapy from Hippies In The City author Rita Balshaw? Book in now for her final Mindfulness and Aromatherapy workshop for this year. This beautiful workshop will be held at Perfect Potion North Sydney on the 26th July. Get in quick! Spaces are limited!

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Perfect Perfumes: A sense of scent

Perfect Potion’s Aromatherapy Perfumes

Perfumery has an ancient history, dating back thousands of years and expanding across various continents.

Perfume pervades fashion, music, and even literature as it does in Patrick Suskind’s novel Perfume.

For centuries the art of perfumery has been shrouded in mystery and most of the knowledge and skill required for perfumery is passed down rather than taught in institutions.

While aromatherapy has the power to make us feel calm, uplifted, focused or happy, perfume can do the same. In Perfumery: The psychology and biology of fragrance D. M Stoddart takes a zoological perspective to fragrance and writes that the relationship between the sense of smell and human emotion is essential and reflective of human’s development. According to Stoddart, scent penetrates “levels of the psyche to gently stimulate the emotions” (15-16). It is no wonder that often we get a whiff of a perfume and are reminded of something from the past; the thick scent of our grandmother’s musky perfume or the woody aftershave of our father.


Essential oils have always played a central role in perfumery, and on their own evoke scent memory as well as subtle aromatherapy unique to each essential oil. Many perfumes stray away from aromatherapy and as a result essential oils and plant extracts are excluded entirely from the process.

Our range of perfumes use pure essential oils lovingly blended together to make you feel enlivened, comforted or refreshed.

Owner and creator, Sal Battaglia, says that a good perfume should be a synergy of top, middle and base notes.

The top note is usually a fresh citrus and light note; it forms the perfume’s initial impression. In the top note you meet your perfume for the first time, but in the middle and base notes, you get to know it better and begin to understand the complexities of the scent. When we think of top notes we smell the fresh aromas of bergamot, neroli, lemon, cold pressed lime, sweet orange, peppermint, clove and even thyme.

Middle notes last longer and impart warmth and fullness to the blend, whereas base notes are heavy and deeply resonating. The base notes have a profound influence on the blend as a whole. We like base notes such as frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.

To smell our beautiful range of perfumes for your selves, visit your local Perfect Potion store or order one online.

Keep an eye out each Tuesday at your local Perfect Potion store for our weekly Perfume Potion Tuesday Pick. Each Tuesday we’ll pick a perfume and give you a special offer with your purchase. But you’ll have to wait each Tuesday to find out which perfume is next!




The Perfect Potion Family.



Dodd, George, H, & Steve Van Toller (ed). Perfumery: The psychology and biology of fragrance. Chapman and Hall, 1988. Print.