Essential Oil of the Month: German Chamomile

Dandy Uses for German Chamomile

This month’s Essential Oil of the Month is the wonderful German chamomile, with its vivid inky blue colour.

This amazing essential oil makes us think of vivid blue artworks, deep oceans or the sheen of the satin bowerbird.

Sal’s Essential Oil of the Month monograph on German chamomile gives an amazing insight into the depth of scent and the extent of its properties that this amazing blue oil gives. Sal discusses the personality profile of the German chamomile person along with blending tips, subtle aromatherapy, medicinal uses and so much more.

Sal quotes Zeck, whose description of German chamomile is both beautiful and eye opening:

“German chamomile promotes a letting go of the old and stale so that the fresh and new can evolve.”

Many consider the smell of German chamomile overwhelming and unpleasant, yet there are some (a lot of us at the Perfect Potion family) who think the intensely sweet, herbaceous odour with fresh, fruity undertones is pleasant and calming. Just be careful when using this rich essential oil that it doesn’t get on your clothes or skin (unless you’re after a blue tinge).

The best ways to use German chamomile


German chamomile is extensively used in cosmetics to take advantage of its healing properties.

The soothing oil helps with inflamed skin as well as bactericidal skin diseases. We use German chamomile blended with lavender and neroli in our classic Soothe range for sensitive skin.

The German chamomile in products like Soothe Fine Tuning Solution, Soothe Moisturiser, Soothe Oil and Soothe Cleanser are gentle on sensitive skin, soothe redness and inflammation and help with hydration. Our Soothe Double Cream also contains German chamomile as a key ingredient and is perfect for people with sensitive skin who need a bit more nourishment in the chilly winter months.


Skincare Potions with German Chamomile

The German chamomile in products like Soothe Fine Tuning Solution, Soothe Cream, Soothe Oil and Soothe Cleansing Gel is gentle on sensitive skin, soothes redness and inflammation, and helps with hydration.

Soothe Oil
Soothe Fine Tuning Solution
Soothe Cleansing Gel
Soothe Cream
Pure Plant Hydration Serum
Pure Plant Hydration Mask

To introduce you to the amazing healing and calming properties of German chamomile we’re offering a Soothe skincare special.

Purchase a German chamomile essential oil and we’ll offer you the opportunity to purchase either a Soothe Fine Tuning Solution or Soothe Cleansing Gel for only $19.95.

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By itself, many find the scent of German chamomile too overpowering and sweet, but when it is blended, this amazing essential oil takes on a whole new personality.

German chamomile is used for emotional frustration, anger, irritability, agitation, mood swings and anxiety as it calms the mind and promotes relaxation. This amazing inky-blue oil is often used for those who seek spiritual understanding, need to let go or find purpose in their life.

Try creating a blend on your own with German chamomile or perhaps pick up one of our essential oil blends in which this amazing oil is a key ingredient.

Essential Oil Blends with German Chamomile

Expressive Chakra Blend Emgoddess Demeter Blend


Sal Battaglia, the vision behind Perfect Potion recommends these German chamomile blends:

To support detoxification:
German chamomile
An antispasmodic blend:
German chamomile
Roman chamomile
To relax and release nervous tension:
German chamomile


So, the next time you’re in Perfect Potion, either in store or online, try pairing some of these essential oils with German chamomile for a rich and calming experience or pick up something from our Soothe skincare range.

To learn more about German chamomile, make sure you read Sal’s monograph and keep an eye out for Sal’s blog post on blending with German chamomile for our monthly Blend Master competition.




The Perfect Potion Family

Meet The Presenters: Jenn King

Introducing Jenn…

This year’s Perfect Potion presenter lineup boasts a diverse range of presenters experienced in the field of aromatherapy and more. If you’re a budding aromatherapist or interested in beginning your aromatherapy journey, we have a range of  workshops in QLD, NSW and VIC. Our workshops and discovery nights are centered around introducing you to the wonders of aromatherapy and combining aromatherapy with meditation, chakras and D.I.Y skincare.

Jenn, is our beautiful NSW Aromatherapy and Mindfulness workshop presenter.

If you haven’t yet booked one of our workshops, get in quick because spaces are filling up fast! Secure your spot in:

Book your place now!


Jenn King

Jenn has been practicing meditation, mindfulness and yoga for over 12 years.

She is a trained meditation and yoga teacher specialising in different yoga techniques to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Jenn has created and run various community meditation and yoga programs for mental health and is passionate about managing mental illness with mindfulness techniques. As a Perfect Potion staff member, she loves to work with essential oils to enhance the effects of meditation and yoga. Jenn is also the manager of the beautiful Perfect Potion Bondi store.

German Chamomile Monograph

German Chamomile PDF download

Its petals open with the sun, and it pulls down the energy from the heavens and the solar system. When inhaled with purpose, it can allow a deeper knowledge of the working of the universe, and of certain angelic orders who work close to the earth.

Valerie Ann Worwood’s description of German chamomile beautiful describes the oils subtle qualities.


Blue chamomile, Hungarian chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla



Botany and origins

German chamomile is a fragrant, low annual herb, up to 0.6 m tall with delicate feather leaves and simple daisy-like white flowers on a single stem.

It is native to Europe, particularly to central and northern Europe. It is cultivated in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Belgium and Spain. Hungary is one of the main producers of the oil.1

Frequent changes in the interpretation of the scientific name of German chamomile have led to confusion over the past two decades. The current accepted scientific name is Matricaria recutita, though Chamomilla recutita and, to a lesser extent, Matricaria chamomilla are commonly seen in literature.2

Method of extraction

German chamomile oil is steam distilled from the dried flower heads of Matricaria recutita. The essential oil content is highest at the beginning of flowering. Drying the flowers at 40-45°C is reported to preserve the matricarin and the essential oil is reputed to be the best.3


German chamomile is a deep, inky blue somewhat viscous oil with an intensely sweet, herbaceous odour with a fresh fruity undertone. The pure, undiluted oil has an intense odour which some find overwhelming and unpleasant.1


The chances of adulteration are very high as it is a low yield, high price essential oil. Typical adulterants include azulenes from other plants such as yarrow, Moroccan chamomile or synthetic azulenes.1

Traditional uses

Since antiquity, chamomile flowers have been used both internally for digestive disorders and externally for skin and mucous membrane irritations. It has been difficult to ascertain which species were used historically, as many plants within the Compositae family or, in the most recent botanical nomenclature, Asteraceae family, were referred to by the common name of chamomile.4

German chamomile flowers are extensively used as a herbal tea. The oil is extensively used in cosmetics.2

The healing qualities of chamomile have been known by physicians for over 2,500 years. Hippocrates gives description of the herb in the 5th century B.C.  Chamomile appeared as a medicinal plant in De Materia Medica written by Dioscorides in the 1st century A.D.  Saladin von Asculum mentions the blue volatile chamomile oil in 1488 and in 1500, Hieronymus Brunschwig describes the distillation of the essential oil of chamomile.5

Herbal infusions of German chamomile flowers are listed in the German Commission E for topical application for the inflammation of the skin as well as bactericidal skin diseases. Internally, the infusion is recommended for gastrointestinal spasm and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.6


It is difficult for me to say with confidence that there is a typical chemical composition for German chamomile. Tisserand says the blue chamomile oils are produced in many parts of the world and have greatly varying composition. Typically those oils with the higher α-bisabolol are preferred in aromatherapy.7

In The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy I stated that a typical chemical composition of German chamomile is reported as follows:

Chamazulene (2.16-35.59%), α-bisabolol (1.72-67.25%), bisabolol oxide A (0 -55.08%), bisabolol oxide B (4.35-18.93%) and bisabolone oxide A (0 – 63.85%).8

German chamomile essential oil varies in composition according to the source. Four main chemotypes have been identified as follows.9

Type A
α-bisabolol oxide B > α-bisabolol oxide A > α-bisabolol

Type B
α-bisabolol oxide A > α-bisabolol oxide B > α-bisabolol

Type C
α-bisabolol > α-bisabolol oxide B > α-bisabolol oxide A

Type D
α-bisabolol oxide B = α-bisabolol oxide A =α-bisabolol

The content and composition of the essential oil are dependent on the development stage of the plant. For example, the quantity of α-bisabolol, α-bisabolol oxide A and B and bisabolone oxide A reached a maximum in full bloom, whereas the farnesene content decreased rapidly with the growth and development of the flower.4

Pharmacology and clinical studies

Anti-inflammatory activity

The anti-inflammatory properties of German chamomile oil are well documented when used topically.10

The accepted wisdom is that the anti-inflammatory activity of chamomile is mainly due to chamazulene. This blue compound is formed from matricarin by steam distillation. In other words the compound found naturally in chamomile is matricarin, and this is converted into chamazulene by the action of the steam.3

The antiphlogistic effects of (-)-bisabolol found in German chamomile have been proven in experiments on adjuvant arthritis in rats.11

Experiments showed that (-)-bisabolol had a greater effect than bisabolol oxides A and B. It was suggested that standardising the content of (-)-bisabolol was important to the antiphlogistic effectiveness of chamomile, but that standardising the amount of oxides present was not necessary.11

The anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects of volatile and non-volatile components of German chamomile significantly inhibited swelling induced by carrageenan in rats.12

Antimicrobial activity

German chamomile essential oil exerted significant bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Candida albicans. However, even at concentrations as high as 8% v/v, complete bactericidal effect was not achieved against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli.13

The antibacterial activity of German chamomile essential oil was evaluated against Helicobacter pylori. It was shown that the oil inhibited the production of urease by H.pylori. It is known that the level of activity of urease is very important for the survival of this microorganism in the stomach.14

German chamomile oil has demonstrated antibacterial activity against organisms such as Klebsiella sp., Proteus vulgaris and Clostridium sporogenes.15

Antifungal activity

German chamomile essential oil was evaluated against medically important dermatophytes and opportunistic saprophytes. The results of the study indicated that M.recutita is a potential candidate for designing effective antifungal formulations suitable for treatment of dermatophytosis.16

Liver tonic

German chamomile oil is rich in monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes which exhibit cholagogue and choleretic activities.17 Both the herbal extract and essential oil have a dose-dependent spasmolytic effect on the smooth muscle of the intestine and also demonstrated liver regenerating properties.18,19


Many aromatherapists suggest that German chamomile has analgesic, antiallergenic, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, bactericidal, carminative, cicatrisant, cholagogue, emmenagogue, hepatic, sedative, stomachic and vulnerary properties.8

Aromatherapy uses

Schnaubelt refers to German chamomile as one of the most reliable anti-inflammatory agents in aromatherapy.  He also says that an important often overlooked feature is that it neutralizes toxic bacterial metabolic wastes, which are often the cause of fever during acute illness.20

Children’s remedy

German chamomile is considered one of the gentlest of essential oils and is particularly beneficial for treating children. It may be used to alleviate the pain associated with teething infants.21,22


Holmes describes German chamomile as a liver cell regenerator and liver restorative.  It would work very well in synergy with essential oils such as everlasting, rosemary and lemon to alleviate liver congestion and to promote detoxification.23

Digestive system

German chamomile oil can be used in treating colic, dyspepsia and indigestion.21,24 The oil stimulates the liver and gall bladder and is recommended for poor appetite and slow painful digestion.25,26

As it is an anti-inflammatory, Holmes suggests using German chamomile for alleviating gastritis, enteritis, IBS and stomatitis.23

Immune system

Schnaubelt states that an overlooked quality of German chamomile is its ability to neutralize toxic bacterial metabolic wastes, which is often the cause of fever during acute illness.20 German chamomile is reputed to stimulate leukocyte production; however, for this purpose, Valnet recommends the internal use of German chamomile.27

Integumentary system

German chamomile can be used for wounds that are slow to heal such as open leg sores, abscesses and infected ingrown nails.24 It is important for the treatment of eczema, urticaria and dry, itchy conditions.21,22


German chamomile is recommended for emotional frustration, anger, irritability, agitation, sudden fits of rage, mood swings and anxiety. It calms the mind and promotes relaxation.23

Musculoskeletal system

Holmes states that German chamomile has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. He recommends using it for fibromyalgia, neuralgia, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and bursitis.23

German Chamomile oil can be used in a massage for muscular aches and pain, and for inflamed joints associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It is beneficial in treating sprains, inflamed tendons, and swollen painful joints in bursitis.2,21,22

Reproductive system

Chamomile is recommended for promoting and harmonising the menses, for spasmodic dysmenorrhoea and PMS.24,26

Respiratory system

Holmes states that German chamomile is a moderate anti-allergenic and can be used to alleviate allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma.23

Urinary system

German chamomile is especially beneficial for urinary tract infections such as cystitis. Davis recommends drinking chamomile tea and having compresses and massages over the lower abdomen with the oil. The oil should also be used in a bath.22

Skin care

German chamomile is beneficial for sensitive skin problems. It is a local vasoconstrictor and can reduce the redness of cheeks due to enlarged capillaries.22

Personality profile

The German Chamomile person is a very strong emotional person. They have emotional depth and the ability to draw out the best in other people, but keep their own feelings to themselves. They are usually down to earth and upfront. They are always good to have around in an emotional storm, or when grieving, as they provide a strong, solid shoulder to cry on if needed.28

Worwood suggests that German chamomiles are well suited to a profession involving teaching or anything to do with books. She describes them as great organisers.

They’ll organize everything if you let them – including what you have for lunch and who you should invite to your party. If their suggestions aren’t taken up, the Blues can get upset, although this doesn’t last too long and is soon forgotten.  This is a very contented personality, and seems to take everything in its stride.28

According to the principles of Myers Briggs, I would classify German chamomile personality as ISFJ. They are extremely dependable, loyal and committed. They are quiet and unassuming. They are down-to-earth, practical, conscientious and very diligent. They enjoy their homes and like to keep things organised and tidy. They like being with family and close friends. They find it difficult to relax as they always feel they should do something productive.

Subtle aromatherapy

Wormwood best describes the subtle qualities of German chamomile when she says that when it is used with purpose and direction the scent helps us in seeking spiritual understanding.

When inhaled with purpose, it can allow a deeper knowledge of the working of the universe … when confusion seems to have become prevalent in a person’s spiritual life, and the laws of the Creator seem to have no meaning to the life we live on earth, then the fragrance can often help us understand.29

On the other hand, Zeck says that German chamomile is all about letting go.

German chamomile promotes a letting go of the old and stale so that the fresh and new can evolve. German chamomile heightens your ability to simply let go, relax and go with the flow when circumstances surprise you and plans change.30

She says that it helps us to loosen the grip on old habits, ideas and beliefs that are no longer useful in our life. She says that it allows us to explore personal freedom. This, in turn, helps us to let go of self-imposed limitations. It allows us to choose new adventures and allow our consciousness to soar to new heights.30

Davis states that German chamomile can be used to counteract agitation or overactivity in any chakra. I believe that it has a very strong affinity with the throat chakra. It should be used to heal the aura wherever heat, redness or anger is present.31


According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, German chamomile promotes the free flow of Qi which is important for relaxing the nerves, relieving spasms and easing pain. This makes it beneficial for nervous tension, insomnia, indigestion and headaches.26,32

German chamomile exerts a good stabilizing effect on individuals with emotional instability. Holmes suggests that it can help us deal with life’s obstacles and challenges in a lateral way not bound by habit or fear induced rigidity. It can help us adapt a more flexible, free flowing spontaneous response.23

In TCM all these conditions are a result of constrained Qi with a Shen disharmony or a deficiency of Heart and Liver Yin with Shen agitation. Holmes explains that German chamomile is excellent for nourishing the energetic aspects of the Liver presenting irritability, resentment and restless insomnia.23

According to the principles of Five Elements, German chamomile oil helps calm excess Wood energy. According to Ayurveda, German chamomile oil helps to calm excess Vata and Pitta dosha.

How to use

Bath: Typically for a full body bath in a tub, use up to 5 drops of essential oils in the tub of warm water.  Foot or hand baths may be prepared by adding 2-3 drops of essential oil to a bowl of warm water.

Massage: Use a 2.5% dilution of the appropriate blend of essential oils to the chosen carrier oil. A 2.5% dilution equates to 5 drops of essential oil to 10mL of carrier oil.

Inhalation: The best way to use essential oils for inhalation is by diffusing them. When you are using essential oils in an ultrasonic diffuser, please follow the instructions of the diffuser that you are using.

Blending tips


Arctander states that German chamomile is used in very small percentages in high-class perfumes to introduce a warm, rich undertone which lasts through all stages of evaporation.1


It is often too easy to just think of using German chamomile in blends for sensitive skin. However, its rich sweet and herbaceous aroma can help us create some intriguing blends that can be very relaxing and calming to the psyche.

One of my favourite combinations is German chamomile blended with Roman chamomile and lavender. This is a wonderful antispasmodic blend that helps ease painful spasmodic conditions associated with the nervous system, digestive system and menstrual cramping.

German chamomile blended with lemon and everlasting enhance the German chamomile makes a powerful liver restorative blend for liver congestion and supporting detoxification.

German chamomile together with sandalwood and lavender makes a wonderful blend for helping reduce nervous tension. This same blend would have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

Perfect Potion classics with German chamomile

We have utilized the anti-inflammatory quality of German chamomile in many of our skin care preparations.

German chamomile blended with lavender and neroli makes our Soothe range the perfect skin care for those with sensitive skin. Our soothe range includes Soothe Oil, Soothe Fine Tuning Solution, Soothe Moisturizer and Soothe Double Cream.

Pure Plant Hydration Mask combines the soothing properties of German chamomile with aloe vera and marshmallow extract to help hydrate and soothe your skin. Pure Plant Hydration Serum combines German chamomile with rose otto, neroli, and sandalwood essential oils and combined with vital antioxidants to create an ultra-hydrating serum to moisturize your skin. No wonder it smells divine and feels so nice on the skin!

When you blend German chamomile with everlasting, calendula-infused oil and dragon’s blood resin extract, you end up with one of the most potent healing balms ever created – Protect & Repair Balm.

All Perfect Potion baby products utilize German chamomile’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. German chamomile has been blended with lavender and mandarin to create our gentle Beautiful Baby range such as Beautiful Baby Top to Toe Wash, Beautiful Baby Massage Oil, Beautiful Baby Bath Oil and Beautiful Baby Bottom Balm.

The beautiful deep blue colour of German chamomile resonates with the throat chakra. It is not surprising that it is an essential ingredient in Expressive essential oil blend for the throat chakra. Together with basil, sandalwood, sweet orange and frankincense, Expressive helps to open your throat chakra and unleash your creative expression.

Demeter is the goddess of the Earth. Emgoddess Demeter essential oil blend with German chamomile, lavender, patchouli, clary sage and vetiver will help you stay connected with mother nature and restores feelings of peace and calm.


German chamomile oil has been reported to be non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising.8

Download the PDF German Chamomile Monograph here


Shop products with German Chamomile here

Accounts Administration Assistant

Accounts Administration Assistant

  • North Brisbane location
  • New Facility
  • Great work environment!
  • Varied position description and busy role!
  • Full Time

Perfect Potion is a solely owned and highly regarded Australian manufacturer of Certified Natural and Certified Organic aromatherapy based skincare and personal products. We are fast growing and seek an incredible new team member who wants to grow with us!

We are looking for a talented, dynamic and enthusiastic Accounts Adminstration Team Member, who aspires to grow within our company.

– Do you wish to work in an exciting learning and educating environment where you are able to develop your skills, career prospects?

– Do you have a living, breathing passion for aromatherapy/ natural therapies and lifestyle, and want to share it with the world, whilst thriving on working in a dynamic and passionate team?

You must be enthusiastic, energetic, self-motivated and proactive for this rewarding role. You will have at least 3 years’ experience in a fast paced accounts role and will have broad accounts experience ideally in a retail environment.

The key to being successful in this role will be your savvy use of systems, along with excellent reconciliation skills, time management, communication and organizational skills, and proven Advanced Level Computing skills (in particular Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word) are a must. Multitasking is the order of each day, as is the ability to work calmly and with a smile, when the pressure is on. Accuracy in your work, along with the ability to meet deadlines for assigned tasks is certainly required.

Your daily interactions with our customers and team must genuinely come from a place of empathy and cooperation. For an excellent contribution to our company and culture, you will be well supported as part of a passionate team.

Your key accountabilities in this role will include

  • Responsibility of reconciliation of Retail Stores receipts with POS shift totals
  • Bank statement Reconciliation
  • Processing and receipting of retail store purchase orders
  • Accurate allocation of invoices to correct GL accounts
  • Responsibility for ordering all stationary and staff amenities for team
  • Assisting with end of month reconciliation
  • Liaising with team members with computer problems
  • Monitoring retail stock variations
  • Mail distribution, banking, filing and Archiving


  • A professional customer service approach with the ability to communicate effectively with all levels
  • Proven track record in accounts receivable/payable administration
  • Experience with accounting systems
  • Able to work autonomously and efficiently but have initiative to seek advice and engage with others
  • Work well within a team and assist in balancing workloads
  • High level of numeracy and literacy skills
  • Strong attention to detail

If you aspire to be an important part of our caring, inspiring team, love and live all things natural, and are committed to contributing to our company success, we would love you to apply.

Applications to be emailed to

Perfect Potion would like to thank all in advance for their applications. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Casual Team Members – Canberra Centre City Walk (opening July)

Perfect Potion is a solely owned and highly regarded Australian manufacturer and retailer of Certified Natural and Certified Organic aromatherapy based skincare and personal products. We are currently celebrating 25 years in the industry, and are very excited to be opening another brand new store.

As we grow organically, we are looking for talented, energetic, enthusiastic Casual Retail Team Members, who aspire to grow within our company, to join our brand new team at the Canberra Centre, City Walk scheduled to open in July.

Are you a successful, experienced retail goddess or god who has a passion to sell a natural product that has been proven to naturally enhance people’s lives?

Are you a supportive, responsible and positive team member who loves to take initiative?

Are you passionate about,committed to, and get a buzz out of exceeding sales targets and KPIs and want to be recognised and rewarded for doing so?

Do you wish to work in an exciting learning and educating environment where you are able to develop your skills and career prospects?

Do you have a living, breathing passion for aromatherapy/ natural therapies and lifestyle, and want to share it with the world, whilst thriving on working in a likeminded dynamic and passionate team?

Do you get energised by engaging your customers, and creating genuine long term relationships and connection with them?

If you aspire to be an important part of our caring, inspirational team, love and live all things natural, and are committed to contributing to yours, our customers, and our company success, we would love you to apply.

Please forward your applications to

Perfect Potion would like to thank all in advance for your applications. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Store Manager – Canberra Centre City Walk (opening July)

Perfect Potion is a fast growing, very highly regarded solely owned Australian manufacturer and retailer of Certified Natural and Certified Organic Skin Care and Aromatherapy based products. We are well established, currently celebrating 25 years in the industry.

As we grow organically, we are super excited to be opening another store , scheduled to open in July at the Canberra Centre – City Walk.

We are seeking a passionate, inspiring and dynamic Store Manager to join and lead a brand new wonderful team.

A truly rewarding career development opportunity, within a unique culture, is on offer. Your valued contribution  to our success in ensuring our important vision is a reality will certainly be appreciated and acknowledged in many rewarding ways. Our vision is to enhance people’s lives naturally and to ensure the very best experience in the world for every single one of our customers incorporating our incredible people, product, knowledge and passion .

Please read on to find out what is important to us in our Store Managers:

Experienced retail store manager or assistant store manager with minimum 2 years experience. Proven success in all facets of a retail or similar management role.

Driven, Engaging & Inspirational Leaders who truly love to motivate and develop team to achieve set goals. A mentor to your team in their own career aspiration and development

Understanding of set KPIs and are able to implement and work with these intricately for success. Truly getting a buzz out of achieving set sales targets & KPIs, naturally being accountable and ensuring your team do also.

Excellent inventory and cost management skills

Ability to step up to and thrive on the challenge of growing your store business by identifying instore and external opportunities for growth. Reaching out for and utilising them to the best benefit to our customers and our company, ever enhancing our ability to touch the lives of as many people as we can.

Authentic and positive communicators with all interactions. You must love and be energized by people, and naturally connect with our customers as your priority.

Share a passion and are inspired by Aromatherapy/ Natural Therapies

Socially and environmentally aware

Actively seek knowledge, personal and career development.

We are looking for a leader who can engage, inspire and educate the team and our customers. You will need to go beyond the parameters of mainstream retail, by fostering true, ongoing connections and authentic relationships with all, and ensure your team are doing the same. You must be enthusiastic, energetic and proactive for this role.

If you share a love for retail and can truly identify with the ideal qualities as outlined, are genuinely passionate, or intrigued by natural products and a holistic lifestyle, then we would love you to apply.

This wonderful opportunity will see you driving an exceptional store within a caring culture. If you aspire to be that Green Goddess or God, inspiring your team to success and shining with each and every customer interaction.

Please forward your applications to

Perfect Potion would like to thank all in advance for your applications. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Hippies in the Kitchen: Autumn Plum Cake

Autumn Plum Cake… With Citrus Cream

By Rita BalshawHippies in the City

Autumn is just so beautiful, it is a time of nature-giving goods where many fruits are ripe and ready to be lovingly enjoyed. This Autumn season is mystical and inspiring, blooming with fiery leaves and crisp sunny afternoons that are spent in the garden appreciating the gentle transition towards winter.

We picked a lot of plums this season, so I used a few to create a delicious and wholesome upside-down cake. Scented with juicy plums, nutmeg and ginger, it is a perfect companion to a cup of steamy Perfect Potion herbal tea.

2 sliced organic plums
1 cup buckwheat flour
1 cup hazelnut meal
1/2 cup coconut sugar
1 tbs coconut oil
2 organic eggs
3 tbs hazelnuts
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 drop ginger essential oil 

Lightly grease a medium sized pie dish with coconut oil. Sprinkle the bottom of the dish with a little coconut sugar and a few crushed hazelnuts. Arrange the plums on the bottom of the plate in the design of your choice. In a mixing bowl combine the flour and hazelnut meal, baking soda, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and ginger. In a separate bowl combine the eggs, almond milk and coconut oil and whisk until smooth, then fold the flour mixture into the liquids. Pour the batter over the plums, being sure to spread the mixture evenly. Bake for about 30 minutes at 160*C until the cake is golden, but moist. Remove from the oven and use a knife to loosen the cake from the sides of the pan. Place the dish over a plate and invert so that the cake falls upside-down onto the plate. This special plum cake is best enjoyed when it is cooled, but perfect fresh out of the oven for frostydays. I like to add a dollop of the following citrus cream and a little drizzle of honey. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Citrus Cream

1/2 cup thick coconut cream or organic yoghurt
1 drop of either mandarin, lime or lemon essential oil

In small bowl mix together until all is well combined and serve with a slice of plum cake.

Meet the Presenters Queensland: Sally Horrobin

Introducing Sally…

This year’s Perfect Potion presenter lineup boasts a diverse range of presenters experienced in the field of aromatherapy and more. If you’re a budding aromatherapist or interested in beginning your aromatherapy journey, we have a range of Introduction to Aromatherapy workshops in QLD, NSW and VIC. Our workshops and discovery nights are centered around introducing you to the wonders of aromatherapy and combining aromatherapy with meditation, chakras and D.I.Y skincare.

Sally Horrobin, is our gorgeous QLD workshop presenter.

If you haven’t yet booked one of our workshops, get in quick because spaces are filling up fast! Secure your spot in:

Book your place now!

Sally Horrobin (QLD)

After many years of studying meditation, massage, shamanic space holding, energy healing, personal development, trans-personal arts therapy, plant spirit communication, esoteric and ancient tribal knowledge for her own personal healing, Sally received very clear guidance that it was time to share this wealth of knowledge and put these teachings into practice holding space for others to engage safely with these healing modalities. What resulted has been a beautiful alchemy of complimentary practices. These practices, her experiential knowledge, apprenticeship training and intuitive guidance combined, have cultivated a unique, powerful and nurturing medicine combining meditation, deep shamanic space holding, aromatherapy, plant alchemy, crystal work, ritual and Earth medicine. Sally currently holds classes and workshops throughout Australia as well as supporting one on one clients weekly and facilitates integration counselling for post workshop and ceremony support.

Happy Mother’s Day to every ‘mum’

Inclusiveness and Diversity on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate your mum; to show her just how much she means to you and to say ‘thank you’ for all the ‘mum’ things she does for you.

Recently we sent out an email telling our customers about our special Mother’s Day offers, but this year we did things a little bit different.

Here at Perfect Potion, we come from all walks of life: we all have different relationships, cultures and backgrounds. Not one of us is the same as the other, so we asked ourselves: why should we assume our customers are the same?

Everyone’s ‘mum’ situation is different, so we made sure to include the aunties, grandmothers and older sisters that have been mothers to some of our customers. And the feedback was perfect. One particular email was so thankful that we were inclusive of others when addressing Mother’s Day, and we’re so glad we did.

We know not everyone’s family situation is black and white; we think it’s important to be inclusive. Here’s to all the ‘mums’, no matter the gender, no matter the race, no matter the situation.

We wish all of our customers a happy Mother’s Day on May 14th, whoever your mum is, whatever your situation.


The Perfect Potion Family

D.I.Y Calamine Lotion

By Rita Balshaw, author of Hippies in the City

Some store bought calamine lotion brands contain nasty ingredients, including synthetic fragrances and parabens. I speak to many health conscious mothers across our Perfect Potion stores. A popular subject of interest is how to treat common aliments for children, these include natural remedies for skin conditions, heat rashes, chicken pox, burns and bites. The following natural “Calamine Lotion” recipe is an easy to make homemade, natural remedy that works a treat to alleviate itching, redness and inflammation.


2 tbs pink clay

2 tbs bicarb soda

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops tea tree essential oil

1 tbs 50ml rose water


Use a teaspoon to mix all the ingredients in a small dish, slowly add in the rose water until a smooth paste consistency is achieved. Transfer the paste to a clean jar and refrigerate to keep for 3 to 5 days. Apply this soothing lotion to the affected areas and allow to dry before rinsing in a warm bath using Top To Toe Wash. Applying an additional healing ointment like the Protect and Repair Balm is an absolute genesis for helping to further soothe and heal skin irritation.

To learn more D.I.Y recipes book into one of our D.I.Y Skincare workshops.


D.I.Y Skincare Workshop 

Our skin reflects the state of our internal health and our emotional well-being. In our hands-on D.I.Y Natural Skincare discovery night you will:

  • Learn to formulate skincare that comes from the natural world
  • Discover the best essential oils to benefit your skin and how to use them in your skincare products
  • Be given guidelines and recipes on how to make: cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masks, ointments, balms, scrubs and bath products
  • Take home a D.I.Y skincare product

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